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Next Door | Bay Doors

Here’s What’s New Next Door

We’re always finding ways to improve Next Door, and Brew Urban Café, to make our guests more comfortable. We want you to feel right at home. And Next Door is essentially an extension of our home.

For our latest project, we installed sweet glass bay doors by the railroad tracks at Brew Urban Café. We’re pumped about improving the setting with natural light. Not to mention, these new doors will keep you safe (which is actually reason #1).

Bay Doors All Day

So, we supplied Brew Urban Café with some natural light.

It used to be like this: you’d immediately be removed from the city once you walked in. You’d arrive in a cozy den surrounded by books. Sometimes the garage door would be open, and the sun would be shining in. Other days they just couldn’t be open. For those non-Floridians out there, just know that regardless of what the radar shows it will randomly rain at least 20 minutes a day.

So, depending on the weather, you’d either be soaking up some vitamin-D sipping on a cup of cold brew. Or listening to the rumbling of the railroad tracks behind closed garage doors. Moral of the story is, your mood will no longer be subject to the bipolar Florida elements.

Female Police horseback rider outside Brew Urban Cafe smiling for camera

Steady Improvements

We also wanted to improve our space without taking away from the familiarity of Brew.

Our General Manager, Joseph Miller, said it best: “Bringing the best parts of the outdoors inside is one of the reasons Brew is so unique.” Emphasis on “best parts of the outside.”

All of these reasons are cool, and all, but the best improvement will be that we keep our guests safe night and day. Read between the lines, now you never have to leave. ?

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