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We know the players, we work with the models, we run the studio space, we have the gear, and we offer the services to turn your next production into a masterpiece. We are the one stop shop for all of your production needs. 

Explore office space, editing bays, and gear storage solutions

Where to Find a Full Service Podcast Studio Rental Talk about equipment rentals and audio engineers Side profile of man and woman doing a radio show in a room with a vinyl turntable in the background

Los Angeles

cistudios new york office multiple people co-working at desk spaces in an office

New York

Editing Bay Los Angeles with man working on a desktop


Production Resources White Studio Space over 4000 sq feet of pure creative space title on background of studio space at CI Studios
Production Resources White Locations in major cities from coast to coast title with backdrop of city
Production Resources White Sets unlimited creative potential title on backdrop of female makeup artist working on a female model
Production Resources White Props whatever you need to paint the scene title on backdrop side profile of a man and woman sitting in a mockup of a plane fuselage
Production Resources White Talent a database of top models and actors title on backdrop of woman with short hair and face piercings posing for camera
Production Resources White Gear an arsenal of cutting edge equipment title on backdrop of Red Raven video camera on display
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