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BTS with Sabela

A Live Performance of “Love Jones” at Artwalk

We were the original pioneers of the first Fort Lauderdale artwalk. You know, the one in FATVillage. We established this event because we wanted an outlet where we could show the community what we do when we aren’t working with clients. Every month, we create cool exhibits centered around art, technology, and good friends. Some of the exhibits are designed for the community to participate, like C&I Storm, while others are for their entertainment, like this performance by Sabela.

Most people think we only do client work. But that isn’t the case. Not at all. We are constantly doing our own thing; making cool art to enlightment our generation. There aren’t many agencies creating the type of content we release every week. For instance, we have a series called Dailies, which we release Mon-Fri, that shows exactly what life inside the studio is like. There’s no sugar coating. It’s just us… beautiful, unedited, unscripted Us. If you like this video, you should check it out.

Also, click the button below to see more of Sabela’s work. We created an artist profile that speaks to her many talents.

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