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White Crew Call logo for Fort Lauderdale Event

Crew Call is the only creative talent event in South Florida for enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Crew Call is an invitation to photographers, cinematographers, models, and anyone with a need for artistic expression to meet us in Studio A for a night of creation.

For each Crew Call event, we build different sets throughout our studio, providing lighting and impressive vantage points. We hire models and professional hair and makeup services to activate each set and keep the models at their best. We stage scenes in ways that will challenge our guests artistically — pushing them to employ new techniques to create beautiful art.

Nothing is beyond the scope of Crew Call. One month you could be photographing and filming models dancing through swarms of smoke and the next you could be shooting a model completely submerged in water. To become a proven professional in this industry one must learn to master the elements. Crew Call is an arena designed to help you do just that.

What started as a quarterly meetup will now become a monthly event. We encourage artists throughout South Florida to prove themselves in our studio. Follow @cistudios on Instagram for updates on the next upcoming event.

upcoming 2021 event dates
JUN 19
JUL 24
AUG 21
SEP 18
OCT 23
NOV 20
DEC 18
Woman with long blond hair and tattoo on her leg posing laying down wearing peach colored lingerie
Man and woman in a car with small lights shining on car with woman looking at the man
Side view of cameramen using their cameras
Woman wearing black top and jeans sitting on a light blue car posing for the camera
Closeup of a woman wearing red lipstick posing for the camera smiling
Side profile of a young man getting his hair worked on by a hair stylist with a cameraman taking a photo
Side profile of a man with a beige cap worn backwards looking down checking his camera
Side profile of an African American woman with red hair posing for a cameraman with another woman in the background also posing
Man and woman posing for the camera looking off screen with lighting equipment in the background
Cameraman taking photo of a woman wearing a dark red dress looking over her shoulder
View of cameramen taking photos of a woman leaning on a light blue car
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