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Event planning in C&I Studios with various sets set up

Event Planning - C&I Meets A2 Events

Community engagement through event planning has become a cornerstone of the C&I Studios experience. That’s one of the reasons we partnered with A2 Events. Our relationships with neighboring businesses, and our bond with the artists and people who come alongside us to further our shared mission is one of our strongest connections to the community.

When we first started this company we knew that the community would keep us honest. And that that connection would always bring us back to reality to keep us grounded. Together with A2 Events, we are able to support and reward our neighbors with cool experiences, like never before.

When we originally opened our doors in FATVillage, we recognized that Fort Lauderdale deserved art and technological districts that branch from Las Olas Boulevard. So we started hosting community-wide events, like the FATVillage Artwalk. And also offered our studio space to be enjoyed by others. But that wasn’t enough.

Mockup of event planning with purpose with makeshift video projector on a wooden stool with a chalkboard sign saying Now Showing with bulb lights

Events with Purpose

As our community-wide outreach became more ingrained in our brand, so did the importance that C&I Studios become a venue. It would be pointless for our studio space to exist exclusively for us. So we decided to extend our home for everyone in Fort Lauderdale to enjoy.

Our events are becoming a standard in the community, but maintaining the status quo isn’t really our style. We don’t settle. We strive to push beyond what’s expected of us, because that is what an Idea Agency is purposed to do. If we do not inspire our neighbors to think towards the future then we are not doing our part to better the community. And if we are not bettering the community, we are failing ourselves. 

With A2 Events in the equation, we are starting to make the impact we set out to accomplish. With their expertise in event planning we are now able to develop and consistently support the innovative nature of FATVillage as a multifunctional hub of art and culture in Fort Lauderdale. Better yet, we’re able to regularly offer our studio space to companies and artists who want to join in that mission, just as A2 Events has.

Food truck Friday event in front of C & I Studios

Erin Branham, President of A2 Events

With Erin Branham and her team we continue to orchestrate some of the coolest events in Fort Lauderdale. Her ability to cater to brand-crafted experiences that reflect the marketing goals of each client, from the fine details to the overall message, makes her a great fit here.

Our brand pillars are solidifying on multiple levels, too. From our focus towards influencing and shaping the future development of South Florida, especially Fort Lauderdale, to the way we style and maintain a boutique image. Erin said it best, “We want to be lean and able to adapt to our client’s needs. But also good at developing our employees, and flexible in our work environment.”

Erin and Joe talking about A2 Event planning

The Big Picture

Take our most recent Taco Tuesday Town Hall event with Big Picture Broward, for instance. We invited our community and city commissioners to take part in an open forum discussion. Together, over free tacos and beer, we had a great political discussion about guiding the future development of Fort Lauderdale. And thanks to Erin Branham, and A2 Events, we made it so the logistics ran smoothly.

A2 Events has really helped us heighten our mission. There’s still a lot that we have to do if we’re going to change the artistic landscape of Fort Lauderdale and FATVillage. But with their involvement we’re seeing progress every week. So, whether you’re joining us for FATVillage Artwalk, First Friday, Culture Club, or taking over our studio space for a company event, know that you’re playing a direct role in creating a new, true downtown.

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