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Facebook Video Marketing - All You Need to Know!

Marketing with videos on Facebook is a great way to grab your target audience with dynamic and engaging content. Facebook video has a daily audience of over 500 million people, making it second only to YouTube. Over 62% of viewers completely consume a video.

Why Use Facebook Video Marketing?

Facebook video ads are an extremely effective marketing tool. Audiences love video. Facebook has over 2.3 billion active users monthly, and according to Facebook, Facebook users watch billions of hours of video each day. There’s an excellent chance your audience is there. Facebook videos are a great way to connect and engage with them, build your brand, introduce new products or services, or promote special offers.

Video ads engage your users better than any other kind of ad. HubSpot says that 54% of users want to see more video content from a brand or business they support and are 85% more likely to purchase after viewing a product video. Compare this to the fact that people typically only read less than 28% of your site’s words. People prefer watching a video to reading.

Facebook video ads are also likely to be shared, driving word of mouth and organic reach. These are two of the most effective and authentic ways to promote your brand.


Choosing your custom audience for Facebook video marketing

As with any marketing, you want to reach the right audience with the right content. This is the best way to maintain relevance and optimize your ads. The custom audience feature lets you identify the people you target by choosing a geographic location, which is excellent for a small business. You can also choose demographic info such as age range, relationship status, gender, and education. This data helps you serve up your ad to people who look like your customer avatars or persona.

A huge advantage of Facebook is the ability to target based on likes and interests, based on the pages and groups they engage with. For example, if your product is athletic wear, look for people in yoga groups, spin groups, etc. Purchase history can also be beneficial as you hone in on targeting your ideal buyer or customer.


Not all of your custom audience will engage with your video or view in the same way.

Retargeting allows you to reach out to customers who have shown interest in your product by watching your video. Someone who has “viewed” your video is someone who has watched at least three seconds of the video, as opposed to someone who has “completed” or watched 95% of the video.

Top Facebook Video Marketing Strategies

Choosing the right kind of video content is essential. There are many types of videos. Here are a few of the most common.

Harness the power of user-generated content, which can be some of the most effective and budget-friendly available. In these days of full transparency, social proof is everything. Let your satisfied customers do the job for you. A great testimonial is authentic and allows the customers to see your product being used. Many clients are happy to be showcased and will be thrilled to capture their thoughts on the video. Just ask!

Product Feature – A showcase of a product can help your client have confidence in your product. It can show them the product in use and answer any questions more clearly than words can often do. You could do this infomercial style, a demo, or a showcase of the product.

Tutorial – If you are deeper down the funnel, a tutorial can be an excellent tool. You can use Facebook video to demonstrate how your product works and what problems it solved. The show, don’t tell.

Think Mobile!!

Formatting your video correctly is essential. Over 65% of video views on Facebook are from mobile devices. Smartphone users view the video in vertical 94% of the time! Create videos that work in both portrait or landscape and try to give your customers a full-screen experience on any device.

Tell them what to do!

Your Facebook video marketing always has a specific objective. Marketing 101 tells us to always include a call to action. Tell the viewer what you want him to do. You may want to drive them to your site, purchase an offer, or share with friends. Regardless of the call to action, it should be included in the text in your video and included in the video itself wherever it makes sense. It can be a voiceover, part of the script, or text at the end of the video. Make it work within our creative concept.

Size matters. Pick the right length video.

Attention spans continue to shrink. Therefore, it’s imperative that your video is concise and to the point. Facebook videos can be from 1 second to 240 minutes long. Usually, videos run between 15 and 60 seconds to keep them digestible but useful. You can convey your message in that timeframe with a carefully crafted message and proper video structure.

Work through the funnel.

Facebook video marketing can work for any stage of the sales funnel. You can create content that works for any stage of the sales funnel, but it will be different at any stage. Using retargeting, you can follow the customer journey through awareness, consideration, and conversion and offer the most relevant ads at any stage. They will have different interests and needs, so build your content to pull them through the sales process and fully illustrate your brand. Sequencing your ads will make them work the hardest for you.

Know your objective right up front and how you will measure success

The first and most important element of Facebook video marketing is to be clear on your video’s objective. Facebook will ask you for the objective. You should have this established before you do anything. Depending upon where you are in the funnel, some common objectives are traffic building, band awareness, reach, engagement, lead generation, sales, or store visits.

Social media concept

What makes a successful Facebook video ad?

Viewers engage differently with Facebook video marketing than a static ad. A good video will leverage the attention to create winning ads.

Here are a few tips:

  • Hook your viewer quickly. You will likely not capture more than 60 seconds of the viewer’s attention, and the first 4-6 seconds are pivotal. Frontload the good stuff. Your opening must be attention-grabbing and interesting. Put your most important information upfront and keep it concise and clear. Show the viewer what’s in it for them right away. Don’t try to include everything and try to make the video feel personal to make a connection. Some good hooks – Ask a question, address a common problem, use humor, or surprise the viewer.
  • Tell a story. Storytelling makes your brand relatable and established authenticity. This is your chance to show your brand personality and that you are trustworthy. Use colors, tone, imagery, and music to capture emotions and connect.
  • Use captions! Make your video work without sound and with sound. Your video starts playing as soon as the user scrolls past it, and Facebook says 85% of videos are played without sound. So, use your visuals as well as captions to stop users from scrolling and watch. This will increase your viewership. Be sure your opening includes appealing text to hook your viewer and stop the scrolling.
  • Always be sure to include a text tagline that can help reinforce your brand and push conversion. “Visit our site to get this week’s special” or “Get Yours Now!” are examples of clear calls to action that will drive conversion.

Ready to get started? Facebook video marketing should be an integral part of your marketing and can be easier than you think. Reach out to a full-service agency like C&I Studios to start building your Facebook video library today.

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