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Freestyle Friday Featuring DK

Last week, South Florida Rapper, Autto, joined us in the studio for a dope freestyle that ended with another call out. South Florida rap artist, DK, heard the call. And he had this to say…


For those who missed last week’s episodejust know that Freestyle Friday is all about featuring rhetoric in freeform from the artists who do it best.

You can check out Autto’s freestyle here, or subscribe to our Youtube Channel to see how the entire series has been unfolding. We’ve been collaborating with some of the best musical talents in the area to put the South Florida rap and hip hop scene on the map. If you like what you hear, be sure to like and comment on each video to help get the word out!

P.S. If you’re watching this (and happen to possess rap skills of your own) don’t hesitate to hit us up on Facebook or contact us here if you think you’re worthy of being featured on our next Freestyle Friday. If you’re not a rapper but still dabble in music and other art, we’re always looking for new creatives to feature on our Artist Profiles, like this spotlight on model Alessia Andrade.

And be sure to follow DK to show your support for South Florida’s music scene.

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