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We’re doing our part to put South Florida rap and hip hop scene on the international radar. What have you done lately?

Let’s give it up to Nylle Thebes for this dope freestlye on this week’s episode of Freestyle Friday! Be sure to follow Nylle Thebes on Instagram to help get his name out there!

If you possess lyrical skills to compete with the best then hit us up to be featured on the next Freestyle Friday. If you aren’t a lyrical wordsmith but do appreciate artist profiles and spotlights on local talent, then subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We add fresh, original content weekly and just relaunched the ongoing Dailies series with brand new episodes, which now invite you to experience life at C&I Studios.

Putting the South Florida Rap and Hip Hop scene on the map!

We have studio locations all over the world, from Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., London and Fort Lauderdale. Our main headquarters is our Fort Lauderdale office so we have a deep bond with artists in the area. Whenever we aren’t working on projects for our clients, we are doing whatever we can to help other artists build up an audience. Freestyle Friday is one of these intitiatives.

So far, we have worked with some of the best South Florida rappers, like Sam Stan. In fact, Sam Stan was recently a guest on #UNCREATIVERadio talking about the release of his new album, Happy Campers. You should definitely check it out!

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