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A Beginner's Guide to Video Production Agencies

Video Production Guide For Beginners: The Agency Edition

Are you running a business? How do you plan on hyping it up, and getting the buzz around? We recommend using a North American Rainmaking ritual if you are going through a dry spell. 

Okay, okay- this may help call upon the skies and make it rain, but what will really make it rein is creating artistic video content. 

Creative engaging video content for your audience is essential if you’re running a business.

Whether you’re aiming to create a product spotlight or an informational series, a video agency will take your concept and pour it across what we like to call the internet clouds. 

With the help of a video agency, all of your best creative ideas can get the technology and expertise they deserve. 

Bringing art to life for your business has never been so easy- put on those dancing shoes. 

It has also never been so important (don’t forget your hat). Creativity utilizes a different part of the brain, enhances intrigue, and sends sparks of pizzaz deep into your consumer’s mind. 

However, that doesn’t mean you have all the information you need to work with a video agency right away. 

If you’ve never worked with a video production company before, there are a few things you need to know. 

Here are the key points any beginner should know before jumping in with cold feet.

Breaking It Down: What Is Video Production?

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Anyone can take a video on their smartphone, and billions of people put it right up on youtube. 

What separates video production is that it means much more than an average video among the Youtube plethora, both from a technical and artistic standpoint. 

At its most basic, video production refers to capturing video and then editing it to tell a story. 

Think graphics, think engagement, think real planning and execution, think magic. Anything is possible in video production. 

When you work with a video production company, there’s much more artistic liberty involved. 

Creating an effective video involves both artistic and strategic planning in pre-production and a video crew who fully understands the vision. 

But of course, the editing and production magic doesn’t happen until post-production when everything starts really coming together. 

A legitimate video production company will clue you in on every step of the process.

They will know what’s hip, what works, and what will catch the eye of a human mind.

The Difference Between Video Production Companies And Video Agencies

Dailies 14 1.26.1

These two terms are used synonymously. They both represent a company whose major role is to work collaboratively with clients and create high-quality videos. 

Whether a company calls itself a video production company or a video agency, they will both use the same process of video production to deliver the product you need. 

The key to selecting one company over the other is whether or not they align with your values and your vision.

But more importantly, look into what they have created for other companies in the past. Is it compelling? Engaging? Artistic?

The Role of a Video Production Agency

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Lights. Camera. Action- duh. Okay, so there is much more. 

Once you submit a concept to a video production agency, it is used to start formulating a tangible idea for your video. 

It takes technical knowledge and creativity combined with excellent video quality. Keep calm and rest easy knowing that video production agencies have an abundance of both. 

Most importantly, you’ll be kept in the loop during every step of the process.

Once the script has been locked (approved by you and the director), shooting will begin. During this phase, the director will be in charge of production and direct the rest of the members involved. 

In some instances, video companies will also incorporate photography services to capture behind the scenes and other memorable moments. 

You can use some of these photos on your social media as a teaser for your customers. 

When it comes to visuals like video, lead-up marketing is just as important as the premiere of the video itself. 

The entire experience is quite exhilarating, so posting on social feeds should be a breeze. It’ll grasp attention and brace viewers for the excitement to come. 

This type of video marketing strategy is highly effective in creating a rein of rhythm around your brand just before its launch.

The Advantages: Why Work With a Video Agency

Headshot of Joshua wearing headphones and dark red shirt smiling and talking in microphone

At least 86% of businesses use video on their website as a marketing tool.

Considering that, it’s safe to say that working with a video agency has its fair share of advantages. Namely, getting your idea out there! 

You may not have enough time and resources to produce a high-quality video on your own. 

And among all the iPhone videos on youtube alone, yours may be lost among the abyss and drown in the never to be shown.

Fortunately, video production agencies have the equipment and expertise to help you put stellar video content into the globe and send the word spinning.

Video content is no longer about shooting for the sake of having videos on your website, but a way to create awareness, gather more leads and show people why your message can make a difference in their world. 

In this case, you need an agency that knows how to use video content as a means of communicating above the sea of content that trickles down through the technology clouds. 

Whether you want to shoot a video to sell products or one that tells your company’s story, you need an agency that uses creativity to breathe concepts to life. 

You may not have the time or resources to produce your own videos to the level of quality you need.

But working with a video production agency ensures that you have the shaman of creativity and innovation at your side.

Contact C&I Studios today, we are an idea agency that defines creativity- let’s make it rein.

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