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How Custom-Built Sets Can Elevate Your Commercial Productions

Commercials are one of the most demanding video productions you can work on. You’re expected to deliver a commercial that tells a story and builds a relationship with potential customers in 30 seconds or less.

Commercial video production is a competitive business. You have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and deliver video footage that grabs attention and keeps it. One of the most effective ways to do so is with custom-built sets.

So what exactly are custom-built sets?

They are sets designed and built specifically for a single video production, or even a series of video productions. They can be an actual set or a location that has been transformed to match the vision of the video producer. The video can focus on just one custom-built set, or several may be used in the video. In some cases, multiple custom-built sets will appear in a single video production.

Custom-built sets are ideal for video productions with a specific artistic vision – commercials, music videos, television series – and they also work well for video projects that showcase a product or service. When you need a controlled environment to shoot video footage, custom-built sets can be the ideal solution.

Custom-built sets can be built on a sound stage, in a commercial video studio, or on location where the video will be shot. They are literally customized to suit the needs of the video production at hand and can be easily portable, a permanent fixture, or something that’s easily torn down at the end of the day.

The custom-building of video production sets has many benefits to the production itself

Here are just some of them for you to consider:


When video producers build custom video production sets, there is much more creativity involved. Different video projects call for different video footage. When video producers are working within a limited budget, creativity is important in bringing video ideas to life. They offer more angles and offer video producers more choices, which often leads to video footage that is more dynamic.

Custom-built video production sets are more interesting to the viewer, too. They’re guaranteed to be different and personalized to the video production at hand. No other company will have the same exact set. If they do try to recreate it, it will only be similar, not a perfect recreation.


When video producers are working with video footage, they want it to be as real as possible. Custom-built video production sets help video companies create atmosphere and mood in their video shots. It’s much easier to give the video a sense of realism when the set is created for that video project alone. Portability

It’s one thing to have video footage taken in an actual location. It’s another to take video shots in custom-built sets that are easy to transport. This is very important when you need video footage for multiple locations or simply need video footage quickly and efficiently.


The more creative you are with your video production sets, the more variety you’ll have in video footage. It’s never a good idea to reuse video footage over and over again. Make video production sets unique each time, even if you’re only changing something small each time. It will still make it new and interesting.

On a video shoot with several video production sets, video producers can mix and match video shots taken from different custom-built video productions to create a variety of video footage. Most video producers like to do this with video footage of different places.

Video production sets also offer video producers the ability to spot details that might not be visible in video shots taken at actual locations. There is more control when video shots are taken on an actual set, rather than out in the real world.


Most video productions require video footage that is shot quickly and efficiently. Custom video production sets are perfect for video producers that need video shots taken in a timely manner. Video producers can go into the video production set, shoot video footage, tear down or pack up video equipment, and be ready to move on to the next video location.

It can take some time to build an elaborate set, sure. But you can build whenever you need to, change things in any amount of time you have. It can be as quick or slow as you choose it to be!


You have all of the control over your custom-built sets. You can control the budget, timeframe, design, and supplies, who works on it, how much it’s used, who uses it, and really every other aspect of what goes into building the set.

The video production gains better control over the video environment with custom-built sets. You’re able to place the set wherever you need it for the best lighting and sound. Plus, you can choose where to place items within the set so they are best for video production.

Custom sets can be as big, little, simple, or complicated as you want them to be. It just depends on the video production at hand, and what you want it to be. Custom video production sets are great for commercial video productions because they can be built with any budget in mind, and they give video producers more control over the video environment to create better videos.

You can control really any other aspect of custom building a set, too. You have a better idea of what video footage you’ll need, so video producers can build video sets that are as efficient as possible.


Virtual sets are often created with video editing software, but to get truly dynamic video footage, you’ve got to have real-life custom-built video sets. Your video producer has the flexibility to create the exact set they want and to move it around if necessary. If video producers want to change something from video shot to video shot, a video production set is the way to go.

You don’t have to wait for approval to change something about the set. As previously stated, you have the control over every aspect, so you can be as flexible as you want to be.

Creativity and budget control are two of the biggest benefits of custom-built video production sets, and being able to be flexible with them will allow you to really create an amazing, dynamic set. They offer more angles and allow video producers to have more creative input over their video shots. If you want your productions seen in a video company so video productions are dynamic, custom video production sets are the way to go.


Custom-built video production sets are an excellent way for video producers to maximize their video production efforts. They offer more control over video footage, which can potentially result in video footage that turns out more dynamic and interesting.

These benefits translate into better video productions that will get video producers and video production companies noticed by their audience.

Companies like C&I Studios can easily create custom-built sets to really create amazing videos for your marketing efforts. We offer video production services of all kinds, and that includes custom sets that work for your specific needs as they apply to your marketing content creation.

If video productions are going to be used for commercial advertisements, make sure they’re as effective as possible by using custom-built video production sets. They will help video producers create more dynamic video footage that video audiences will love. You can’t go wrong with custom-built video productions.

This strategy is an effective way to increase video production revenue. It can mean bringing in video productions that you might not otherwise be involved with, especially if they are commercial video productions. And we all know that video is some of the most effective marketing content out there. If you’re not creating video footage to share with your audience and customers, then you’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue. Videos allow for more engagement and are more memorable than just graphics and photographs alone.

In Conclusion…

Custom-built video production sets offer benefits to video production companies in many different ways. They provide video crews with more creative control over the video environment and give video production companies the ability to quickly video footage in a variety of video locations.

Custom video production sets can be transported easily for more video shots, and they offer video companies the ability to spot details that might not be visible in video shots taken while out in the real world.

Although it’s easier to use video footage from actual locations, video producers know that the more creative control video sets give video companies allow for video footage that is truly dynamic.

This strategy can be an integral part of video production revenue, but video production companies have to be willing to put in the work necessary to bring video productions to the next level.

The next time you start working on video production, consider custom-built sets. They will elevate your video production work and help you grab your audience’s attention.

If you’re looking to create amazing video footage to share with your customers and online audience, give us at C&I Studiosa shout! We can’t wait to help you create the marketing content of your dreams and help you to bring in more sales today!

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