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Slow-Mo Sunday: Malibu, CA

This is a short clip part of a an initiative we took to film more. The best way to get better at anything is to practice. Since we’re always influenced and inspired by what most might pass of as mundane, we figured we could highlight parts of South Florida’s day-to-day in a mini-series we’re calling Slow-Mo Sundays.

The idea is to revel in activities we would otherwise overlook and really capture the beauty of movement, texture, color, and time. This installment was captured during our shoot in Malibu for The Shop @ C&I. We got our hands on a beautiful vintage Alfa Romeo convertible and drove it to a hidden Airstream in the Malibu mountains in California. The shoot as whole was magical and we thought this clip really captured the essence of the trip

Blurry black and white photo of a young female wearing a short white top with writing and short black shorts. She has her arms raised in the air with the sun filtering through.
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