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The Inside:
The Importance of Content for Your Brand

Owning a business is hard.  You feel like you are constantly spinning plates, unable to keep up with everything from development to finances to marketing.  Willie Morris of Faithbox and Sara Shake of Kali Boxes share their insight on the importance of high-quality content.

In this day and age, everyone thinks that they are a photographer or a videographer, but your target audience is much more discerning than you think.  They can clearly see the difference between amateur and professional, and they are constantly on the prowl for fresh imagery.  They are so quick to scroll past your posts on social media if they feel like they’ve seen that image before, so how can you keep it fresh?

Your brand has a story to tell, and it is vital that you capture and translate that story out to your audience in a very clear way.  The best investment that you can make into your company’s success is a solid and clear marketing plan, with your social media presence a priority.  Connect yourself, and your brand, with a company that knows how to synthesize your key messages into imagery and words that are unique to you, that speak with your voice.

Willie and Sara talk through the constant pull to market their companies in the video below:

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