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Tips for Using TikTok to Grow Your Business

Have you tried TikTok yet to further your business’ marketing reach? If not, you’re really missing out on a large platform on which you can advertise and procure new potential customers.

TikTok is a video-sharing app focused on short videos and it is growing in popularity by the day. Tiktok can be extremely useful to both personal and business users, but you must know the tips and tricks of using TikTok to its full potential. It might not be as complicated as you realize, but there are still some important aspects of this social media platform that are important to pay attention to.

The best TikTok campaigns are the ones with a solid strategy, so if Tiktok is something you are considering bringing into your business, keep reading.

We have eleven tips to help you grow your business using TikTok!

Tip #1: Focus on engagement

With TikTok, you don’t just post videos and wait for the views to come rolling in. TikTok is a video-sharing app and if your videos don’t have high attention time, you won’t see much success. TikTok users love watching videos with engaging content; whether that’s something funny, incredible, or inspiring.

This means that Tiktok campaigns must be carefully planned out to achieve the best results. TikTok users won’t be interested in your video, let alone engage with it if it doesn’t engage with them! TikTok is perfect for companies that want to create videos that are quick, but engaging.

You’ll get the most out of Tiktok by focusing on engagement through the entire TikTok marketing strategy. If you’re still having trouble getting a good amount of engagement, check out our previous blog post.

Tip #2: Make sure your content is “Evergreen”

What does the term “evergreen content” mean?

“Evergreen” means that your content will stand the test of time. It’s answering questions that are searched for time and time again, information that people will always need when it comes to your business, products, and services.

Evergreen TikTok videos will always be relevant to Tiktok users. They’ll pop up on people’s feeds often. More importantly, you should be using evergreen hashtags!

Not all of your content has to be perfectly evergreen, depending on what you’re trying to sell in respect to your business- things like unboxing videos or product reviews will go out as technology and pop culture expand. But it’s important to make sure at least a good portion of your content is. Use hashtags that won’t go out of style in the next month or so. While it’s popular to use the newest hashtag about The Superbowl, even if your video has nothing to do with the event, it won’t be as searchable later on.

Tip #3: Be clever with your TikTok hashtags

Since we’re already on the subject: hashtags are important to any TikTok marketing strategy. The right TikTok hashtags will get you more views and increase the chances of Tiktok users discovering your video. However, there’s a catch: using popular TikTok hashtags like “tbt”, “f4f”, and “bestoftheday” won’t get you the TikTok views that you need! TikTok users are savvy and they know when someone is trying to use Tiktok hashtags with no real reason for it.

TikTok users will quickly leave your video if they notice this. Many users will think you’re desperate for the views and lazy enough to piggyback on what’s currently popular; not a great look for your brand. You’ll lose out on engagement and Tiktok video views. When you go to use hashtags, make sure you know what they are and why Tiktok users are using them!

You should also be wary of the limit of hashtags on each video TikTok dictates. This makes choosing your hashtags carefully even more important as you only get a few chances to tag it right. Using up your hashtags on tags that have nothing to do with your video is extremely unwise as the people who are interested in the type of content you’re putting out won’t be able to find your video!

The best way to know what hashtags are doing for different videos is to simply take the time to click on them, watch videos tagged, and take note of what’s popular in this hashtag.

Tip #4: Use TikTok’s editing features

Tiktok is great for any business that deals with video marketing. TikTok videos are unique compared to other social media platforms because of TikTok’s integrated editing features. TikTok’s filters, stickers, and other video editing tools are perfect for adding a professional look to your Tiktok videos!

The TikTok video editor is one of the best TikTok features to use if you want to market your business through TikTok. TikTokers love fun, creative content that they can interact with. TikTok’s editing tools are perfect for Tiktok video contests, TikTok TV ads, TikTok influencer marketing campaigns, TikTok charity fundraisers, and more.

However, using too many filters or stickers can really detract the viewer from the actual video content. The edits should always be relevant to your video content, too. You should find a good balance between too much and not enough; you want the right amount to grab a viewer’s attention

Tip #5: Use TikTok Channels

TikTok is taking over the social media world by storm! TikTok users want to be entertained. It’s why they love TikTok so much. Tiktok users are always looking for TikTok videos that will engage them in fun, awesome ways! Use TikTok channels to your advantage when creating Tiktok video marketing strategies!

TikTok channels contain the best TikTok videos from around TikTok. Accessing TikTok channels is simple; just perform a search for TikTok channels. TikTok users are constantly adding their favorite TikTok videos to TikTok channels, so check out Tiktok Channels often!

Tip #6: Utilize Tik Tok Ads

Tik Tok ads are the new way for businesses of all sizes to get more Tiktok video views. The best part about Tiktok ads is they’re are fully customizable. You can target users that are similar to your TikTok audience, Tiktok users who have interacted with similar TikTok ads, TikTok users in a particular region, TikTokers between the age of 18-24, and so much more!

If you’re looking for ways to grow your TikTok video marketing campaign, TikTok ads are the best TikTok features to use! Tiktok ads give your Tiktok video marketing strategy all the TikTok tools it needs to succeed.

Tip #7: Know the Law

TikTok deals with user-generated videos and music, so it is extremely important – especially as a business owner – to be aware of copyright laws. As soon as you or your TikTok video are suspected of copyright infringement, TikTok will step in to investigate the claim. Some videos are silenced, but the video is still left ups, but worse TikTok can terminate user accounts without warning for violating TikTok’s Terms of Use! So make sure to abide by TikTok’s rules. It is up to TikTok users to prove that their TikTok videos are original – not copies! Tiktok users can do this by putting a TikTok watermark on their TikTok videos and making sure that the Tik Tok music they’re using is original and allowed.

If you’re worried if something goes against the Terms of Use, don’t post it! Take the time to look into the rules before you hit that post button. Make sure you make any necessary changes if your video does violate the Terms. It’s not worth getting your account shut down.

Tip #8: Understand that TikTok is NOT Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube

TikTok isn’t TikTok’s competitors! Tiktok is a unique social media platform. TikTok has a different audience and a different purpose for Tik Tok users. TikTok video marketing strategies must be unique as well to succeed! If your TikTok videos are the same as your TikTok video marketing strategy, TikTok users will notice. Tik Tok users are looking for TikTokers to provide them with engaging TikTok videos that they can enjoy with their Tiktok friends and family!

The more effort you put into your TikTok video marketing strategy, the better results you’ll get! Whether it be using TikTok’s ads, editing tools, TikTok Channels map, or Tiktok user-generated videos, there are ways to take your Tiktok video marketing strategy to the next level.

Tip #9: Invest time in learning the latest and greatest

You will want to stay up to date on how the TikTok algorithm is working with or against you. TikTok is constantly updating its algorithm, just like any other social media platform. They want to show new videos and support all of their users to the best of their abilities, and that means they adapt as time goes on. The catch is that they adapt quickly, swiftly, and without much warning, so you always have to be on your toes when trying to figure out what’s doing well now and what will do well in the future. It’s important to know what changes TikTok has made to video marketing strategies because these can have a huge impact on your Tiktok video marketing campaign.

You should also stay up to date on the latest editing tools TikTok offers, or any other video editing app or software that you plan on using. You’ll be able to stay on top of the trends, maybe even start a new trend yourself!

One way to stay updated on the latest news about TikTok in respect to both the algorithm and new features is to bookmark TikTok’s blog and check it daily for TikTok news and updates.

Tip #10: TikTok is still a Social Media Platform

While we did say to not think of TikTok as you would Facebook or Instagram, it’s important to understand that it is still Social Media. Just as you are real humans behind your company and videos, the people you are engaging with and selling to are also human beings.

Neither of you are robots (though you might run into your fair share of bots on any platform, they’re usually very easy to spot). Treat your viewers, subscribers, and customers with respect in both your video content as well as your replies to their engagement.

In order to grow your business, you want your customers to know they’re heard and appreciated so that they spread the word to their friends and family and share your videos. And the best way to start that rapport is to treat them with respect on social media.

Tip #11: Get help when you need it!

Asking for help is not a weakness. It takes a lot of strength to understand when you need to bring a professional service or even a contract worker in to help you with your company. And, to be quite honest, your content will probably do better than if it were just you or your employees creating videos with merely their phones.

Professional video production companies, like C&I Studios, will develop unique concepts and use professional equipment such as high-quality cameras and professional editing software. They also know copyright laws, so you’re MUCH less likely to break TikTok rules. It’s really a win/win situation.

You’ll also find that companies like C&I Studios also offer more than just TikTok video production. C&I Studios offers many marketing solutions that can make all of your marketing look seamless and professional. We know the world of marketing, especially marketing video production.

You can contact C&I Studios if you’re ready to get started or if you have any questions about any of our services. We can’t wait to talk to you about your company and its needs!

Looking for more help with TikTok? Check out this blog post.

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