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5 Tips For Successful Video Advertising Campaigns

5 Tips For Taking Your Video Advertising To The Next Level

Getting that perfect bit of advertising is a struggle between medium, creative content, and pinpoint information.

The balance of creative content and pinpoint information will always be a matter of taste and timing, but finding that perfect medium can be elusive.

That perfect medium may already be here. Video advertising has many strengths and using them can be easy with some advice.

Curious how you can make the most out of video advertising? Let us show you the ropes.

What Makes Video Advertising So Important

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Video content is everywhere, in case you hadn’t noticed. Smartphones stream hours and hours of video content every day. Big websites like YouTube are overflowing with popular content and laced with good advertising.

The market is there, but what makes video advertising so potent?

A big reason is that our brain absorbs visual content easier than any other content.

This combination of market and science has made video advertising a powerhouse. The trick comes from finding the right balance that fits your business and strikes out a successful campaign.

The 5 Tips for a Successful Video Advertising Campaign

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Taking the video advertising market by storm isn’t a simple matter of posting video advertising content. There are millions of competitors doing the same thing.

You need to stand out, and that means understanding what makes video advertising successful. Taking these tips to heart can put you over the edge when it comes to advertising.

1. Optimizing for Everyone

Optimization is a very important idea in any business venture. This becomes even more important with something so technical.

When you optimize, you need to think about three major things. They are bandwidth, video quality, and the major streaming platforms.

First, we talk about bandwidth.

No video is helpful or fun if it never loads. Optimizing for bandwidth requires a bit of technical knowledge, but the most important aspect is video design.

Shorter videos have two qualities. They are easier to load, but a large majority of the younger audience has grown up to short and to-the-point commercials. Getting your point across before your video has a chance to be boring is big.

Second, we have video quality.

A lot of this comes from technology. Several advances in streaming can help you get the best quality video out without tanking bandwidth or other resources.

The last optimization issue comes from major platforms.

There is a pile of different social media platforms, and each of them comes with different methods that work best. What works on YouTube might not be the best case on Facebook.

Make sure you review the technical basics of every platform, too. Aspect ratios and maximum video lengths will mean you may need multiple videos to cover all of the social media platforms.

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2. Bring Value Beyond Advertising

Bringing value to marketing can come with any medium, but video advertising takes it even farther.

You need to know what you want your video to do. Figure out what it is advertising. After that, though, you need to know to not drown your audience in an outpouring of forced advertisement.

Incorporate things that connect with your audience on a personal level. You want something memorable that a customer would find positive with or without the advertisement involved.

This requires a heavy understanding of what your target audience wants and likes. Combine market research and creativity to focus on the customers instead of the product.

If the customers find your advertising appealing, their love for your product can follow suit.

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3. Manage Your Brand

When your videos are succinct and target who you want to target, sometimes you may find it hard to push your own brand. A lot of that has to come from marketing style instead of marketing content.

Think about the content that people remember. The Old Spice commercials are a great example. They were bizarre, fast-paced, and witty. People remembered them.

Getting your advertisements to make an impression means finding a unique voice to broadcast out there.

Can your brand be comedic? Would it excel with potent drama? Do you have or need a mascot of some kind.

Figure out what uniqueness you can offer, and make sure that comes across throughout your campaign. You want people to recognize your advertising the moment it comes on.

Handy NonProfit Lego structure next to desktop

4. Clear Call to Actions

A clear call to action drives the customer to buy into your product using the interest driven by your advertising. They need to be clear, concise, but not too demanding.

A call to action can be at the beginning, to make sure they hear it no matter if they finish the video. It can come at the end after they have full investment, or anywhere in between.

Somewhere in the middle may end up being the best option, where they are already invested but you haven’t risked droning on.

Keeping call to actions subtle can be hard. If you get that right nudge though, either through a sincere bond of interest or clever product placement, you will be golden.

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5. Don’t Rely on Any One Part of the Video

People watch videos in a massive number of ways. In addition to people closing the video before it completes, they may also opt out of other details.

Sound is a big thing that can often get left out. Many platforms have an autoplay feature that does not trigger audio. Some people may also turn off the sound. Some of your target audience could be deaf!

If any one part of your video fails, then it has to rely on its other parts to succeed. A good video advertisement can get the point across no matter what is missing.

Incorporate your message straight into the videos. Pique people’s curiosity with visuals. Make your brand name and product recognizable without a single mention in sound.

If you can get all of this to work without the full video, imagine what a full video could do!

A Visual to Get Ahead

Black and white of Roya posing for the camera sitting on a bench surrounded my visual equipment

Video advertising has a lot of nuances to it, and it will be rare that any one company makes a perfect campaign in one shot.

We here at C&I aim to make advertising a brilliant experience. If you wish to learn more about what we can do to help get you moving, contact us today.

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