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Video Production for In Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

Events can do wonders for your company’s success. They bring awareness, engagement, and sales in a short amount of time. But how can you extend this success? You produce videos from the events, of course!

Videos from your events can increase your event’s success in a number of ways! By live streaming your events, you can give those not able to attend a front-row seat. You can also produce videos to get people excited and engaged about future events. Finally, filming your next event is a great way to keep the energy and enthusiasm from that event alive long after it has ended! Video footage can really boost any event’s success, even if it has already happened. That’s the magic of video marketing, it keeps working for you even after the event ends!

How Should We Begin?

Knowing what type of video content will provide your event with the most success is where you should start. Once you know what you want to produce, it’s important to find the right equipment and/or video production company. There are many video production companies out there, so do your research! Look for a company that has experience in video production specifically for events. They will be able to help you turn the most important moments of your event into engaging content! At C&I Studios we make sure your event experience is a positive one by capturing quality video footage that will boost your success beyond the physical event.

When it comes to video production for events, you should be tailoring what type of video you need to be producing to the event type. While some videos types should always be considered, such as live streams, it’s important to know all of your video production options.

There are three main types of events: in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Each type has its own unique needs and video production requirements. Let’s take a look at each one and what kind of videos will bring you and your company the most success.

In-person Events

In-person events are those that take place in the real world, with people physically gathered together in one location. Conferences and retreats are just a couple of examples of this kind of event. They bring a lot of people who have something in common together, be it working in a shared industry or a shared hobby.

For in-person events, video production should be focused on capturing the experience of the event. You want to give people who couldn’t attend a sense of what it was like to be there. This can be done through video footage interviewing you’re attendees, catching up with your event hosts, and shots of the environment.

This footage can be used as a summary of the event, giving the attendees something to remember later, and also serves as marketing content for future events of that same nature.

Take a conference, for example. You have a few big names set to speak at your conference in person. A video that summarizes their talk along with important quotes and points of interest serves as a reminder to the attendees, who were able to experience the talk in person, what they experienced. It allows them to be able to access your event’s information over and over again.

Another thing to think about with in-person events is that your attendees will be creating their own video content throughout the event to promote their attendance on their own social media platforms. This provides you with footage through the eyes of your customers. Social media is a free platform in which to market your business and event, but you only get as much as you put out. That’s why by encouraging your attendees to share videos and photos on social media during the event, it’s more likely that your event will trend on social media. While each social media platform has a different algorithm, it should be noted that getting more people to talk about your company and event with the appropriate mentions and tags will only lead to better results. The algorithms will see that people are talking about your event and put it in front of more social media users.

Virtual Events

Virtual events are those that take place online only. Virtual events have been on the rise since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit in 2020 because it’s an easy way to continue to host events even when people can’t be together in-person.

They can be incredibly successful events that allow for better accessibility to more people. Virtual events allow you to expand your audience to people who might not be able to attend in-person. If you have people wanting to attend from around the world, virtual events can really allow a global audience to engage in your event.

When it comes to video production, virtual events are all about the live stream. You’ll want to have a high-quality live stream that looks professional and engaging. You’ll also want to make sure you’re capturing the energy of the event well. This can be done through interviews with attendees, shots of the environment, and questions and answers sessions.

Another amazing thing about having videos of your virtual events is that you can make sure anyone who needs closed captions has access to them! So, not only are you making your event more accessible to those who can’t travel, but you’re including those who have hearing impairments, as well. Accessibility is one of the more important things you should be paying attention to. Accessibility means that you’re opening yourself up to accepting the business of everyone, not just the able-body population. Allowing everyone to feel welcomed at your event will increase the success of both your event and your business.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are a mix of in-person and virtual events. They allow people to attend the event in-person, but also provide a virtual option for those who can’t attend live. This is a great option for companies that want to reach more people with their events and make their events more accessible to all.

When it comes to video production for hybrid events, you’ll want to produce video content that caters to both the in-person and virtual attendees. This can be done by having video footage of the event that’s exclusive to those watching live, as well as interviews or question and answer sessions that are open to everyone in attendance or tuning in. You’ll be able to sell more tickets to the event than if it were an in-person only event. You’ll be able to offer a cheaper ticket option for those on a budget, allowing you to reach many more potential customers!

If the event is hybrid, the videos being created should be a mixture of both the in-person and virtual event. Essentially, a hybrid event calls for hybrid videos. You’ll be able to get the interviews of attendees and speakers, and also be able to engage in real time with people watching the live stream who aren’t attending in-person.

You’re really getting the best of both worlds with a hybrid event. You’re getting the accessibility of a virtual event, but you’re still getting the hype and excitement of an in-person event. This can be a great way to bring in more people and really increase the engagement online. Plus, it’ll make video marketing a lot more fun because you’ll have more content to work with!

Final Thoughts

Video production is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to events. By capturing footage of the event, you’re able to create marketing materials that will help bring in attendees for future events. You’re also able to create content that can be used for virtual and hybrid events, making your event more accessible to a wider audience.

Producing video content from your events is a great way to keep the success going. Need video production for your next event? Hiring a professional video production company can take the stress off of your company so that you can focus on making sure the rest of the event runs smoothly. You’ll also be more likely to get amazing footage.

C&I Studios is one of those companies. We have a passion for creating amazing video footage, be it live streamed, animated, or filmed footage. We also offer many other services to create marketing content of all kinds, including event photography, company headshots, product photography, and so much more! If you’re in need of assistance with any kind of marketing content, C&I Studios is excited to help!

If you’re curious about video production or want to know more about how video marketing content can help your events, contact us! Our team of video production experts would be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.

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