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What to Consider with your Livestream Event Production

As livestreaming continues to grow, more and more people are using livestream events for all kinds of things. Social media has become the driver behind this level of usage, as anything social media-related takes off very fast, or dies out quickly. Livestreaming isn’t going away any time soon, though.

Livestream marketing is not new in any way. It’s been around for years since the early 2000’s. Yet, livestream marketing is still growing and will continue to grow as social media livestreaming sites continue to search for their niche in the livestream market.

With livestream marketing being more popular all of the time, there are things that need to be considered about your livestream events that might not have been taken into consideration before. Here are some of the most important points to consider with livestreaming events.

Make a Plan

The livestream event needs to be planned out ahead of time so that important things can get done before the livestream is scheduled to happen. This includes planning out your livestream content, planning promotion on social media sites, and planning Q&A or chat sessions during the livestream where possible. If you do not plan ahead for livestream events, you may find yourself in a difficult position to get the event done on time and done well.

You should consider making plans for set-up, during, and after. You can’t be too prepared for anything, even livestreaming.

Set the Stage

You don’t want to show your messy bedroom in a livestream. It’s not appealing to anyone watching. You should be treating this production as you would any other video production and make sure that your set is well planned out, appealing, and relevant to the video’s topic.

You want to find an appealing livestream room with good lighting. Setup the equipment on tripods, making sure nothing is blocking any of the livestream camera’s field of view or anything else that will get in the way. You want to avoid trying to use your livestream for more than one thing at a time also. For example, don’t try to livestream while at the same time you are trying to do a video chat or livestreaming with another camera. You don’t want anything to go wrong that incurs extra costs. Be sure everything is setup beforehand and then livestream away!

Have the Proper Equipment

Many livestreams are done with a simple ring light, tripod, and a cell phone. It’s an inexpensive setup that works for some, but it isn’t always the best choice.

You should be considering livestream set up just like you would any other video production. Having the proper equipment is important if livestream events are to go smoothly and people watching on their screens will be able to watch comfortably without straining or moving around too much. It’s also important for livestream quality so that more than just livestream viewers can enjoy the livestream event.

There are many livestream events that don’t go well because viewers cannot enjoy the livestream with the quality of view that is readily available for livestream production.

Get Organized and Use Proper Software

With most livestreams, it’s pretty simple to prepare; put your cell phone on a tripod and press record. While that works for many influencers and MLMers, a well created livestream that’s been produced with proper software will really show the world that you’re a professional business and take your work seriously.

However, there are livestream video production options that are available for livestream viewers. You may want to livestream events with multiple cameras, livestream chats, livestream slideshows, livestream animations… the list goes on and on. There is a lot of potential in livestreams nowadays.

There are many livestream software options out there that can help you to use livestream chat services or other livestream video production features. For livestream events where more than just viewers will be watching, livestream software options can help to organize livestream content so that it’s easier for everyone involved to livestream the event.

Of course, mobile livestreaming apps are available that can let you livestream on your phone. However, these mobile apps aren’t always the best livestreaming software for events that need more livestream video production features.

At the end of the day, livestream video production is just like any other type of video production or livestream event. Get organized, have planned livestream events with proper livestream equipment, and have your livestream content prepared ahead of time so that livestream viewers can enjoy your livestream event.

Do a Test Run

This part doesn’t have to be live unless you’re testing the actual livestreaming process itself. Test runs are meant to make sure you have everything ready and streamlined so that your actual livestream event runs as smoothly as possible without hiccups on your end.

You want to be able to test to see how your setting looks. Making sure the lighting is sufficient, that your cameras are set up correctly, and that you’re not showing anything that will distract your audience are out of the scene. Make sure the equipment is in proper working order and that all of your livestream software features are ready to go.

If you want to test the actual livestream, especially if you’ve never livestreamed before, you can certainly do that, too. Test it out with a smaller announcement so that you’re not wasting the livestream or confusing your followers. You want to be sure that you know all of the controls ahead of time.

Be Ready for Questions

A livestream chatroom can be an amazing thing for your livestream when it is configured correctly. Whenever possible, set up your livestream chatrooms ahead of time so that people can use them during the livestream. You will also want to make sure that anyone involved with livestream chatrooms is present during live events.

Questions of all sorts are going to be asked. You can ignore some of them, but that’s not always wise. People will be curious about what you’re telling them, about the products you’re selling, and about what’s happening in your video presentation. It’s also wise to keep an eye on the chatrooms for any questions that may be directed at you during the livestream event itself. Doing so will ensure that everyone watching is getting everything they need during your video presentation and livestream video production processes.

Be Ready for Craziness

This is always important, but it’s even more important with livestream video production. Livestream video production can be a crazy thing if you’re not prepared.

For professional setups, whether big or small, you need a team that has experience managing live switching between multiple feeds, creating graphic assets on the fly, or knowing where to train cameras in order to capture the most important parts of your stream.

Follow-up with Feedback

Any livestream feedback should be seen as a source of information that can improve your livestream event from then on out. You should take any livestream comments seriously and consider them, especially if there are major concerns brought up by viewers during the livestream itself. This is another reason why having a plan ahead of time is important.

Feedback allows you to see what you can improve upon, what needs to be changed completely. It can also help you to see what is important to your livestream viewers, and it can even give you information about livestream event new ideas. Always keep an open line of communication with your chatrooms!

A Final Note

Livestream video production is a video production style that should be taken seriously as any other video production. Like video editing, video marketing, video animation video production or any other video production style, it is just another way to get your message across to others.

Remember that livestream video production isn’t just about getting your message across in general, but also about understanding how people communicate with each other and find new viewers who can relate to you video marketing video. Getting livestream video production right is just another way to discover new ideas, methods, and ways that your video marketing can be effective in getting the most out of your videos.

Always keep in mind how you can get the most out of livestream video production by understanding what livestream viewers want to see when they come to view your video.

As livestream events continue to grow in popularity on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you will find livestream events a helpful resource for your business or organization. Consider all of these points when planning livestream events so that they can be done properly and take off well with livestream audiences.

If you’re looking to livestream your event but feel overwhelmed or still don’t know where to begin, consider hiring a professional video marketing company to guide you through he process. Consider hiring a company like C&I Studios to produce your livestream videos. We can help you with every aspect of the production!

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