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Dailies: Alyssee

The nature of our work leaves us with hours and hours of material that never gets to see the light of day. In that same vein, it allows us the pleasure of making the likes of Eckhart Tolle proud and allows us the hyperawareness of living in the moment. In having permanent access to a camera in most situations, it’s more often than not that we see little moments that capture our fancy that might otherwise go unnoticed. Tiny lapses of time that we think are worth highlighting. Thats where our Dailies began. Our goal is to highlight these moments in order to gain a higher appreciation for the details that make our day so special.

We captured this Daily with our good friend Alyssee during the Malibu shoot we put together for the Reach Kini. The Reach Kini is a collaborative effort between our non-profit organization C&I Reach and Montce Swim. We wanted to create something that would help fund raise for Reach while still delivering a beautiful product that people want to wear. During the shoot we kept finding new spots and gorgeous natural structures. We spent the whole day in Malibu finding something new in every crevice. We ended up with so much b-roll that was so beautiful, we couldn’t help put this short video up as part of our Dailies.

IU C&I Studios Post Dailies: Alyssee Black and white of a woman with long hair over her eyes posing for the camera in a bikini at a rocky outcrop

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