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Costamar Travel

We were contracted by Trifecta Creative Collective to shoot these spots for Costamar Travel. Trifecta is a collective of creative minds that strives to imbue the projects they work on with an invigorating life by way of Concept Development, TV & Radio Commercials, Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, Video Production, Audio Production, 2D/3D Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, and Web Design.

Costamar Travel is a multi-lingual travel agency originating from Elizabeth, New Jersey. Since 1980 they have managed to consolidate and provide their customers with all the travel services one might need when planning a vacation. They offer everything from booking flights, both national and international, tourist packages, cruise packages, and auto rentals.

We shot the three spots in our home of Fort Lauderdale, FL. We shot in Holiday Park, Downtown, and even built an airplane set in our studio space.

Little boy wearing black coveralls looking out onto the tarmac at a plane at an airport.
Client Costamar Travel
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