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In association with the Florida Department of Transportation, CTS Engineering hired us to create a short video in support of carpooling.

CTS Engineering Inc. “began serving the Southeast Florida market with the belief and understanding that the future of the transportation industry requires creative thinking and diverse solutions.” Even with the spirit of innovation propelling their business, they don’t overlook simple and proven transportation alternatives, such as carpooling.


This video comes in response to a growing South Florida population and exciting building boom in downtown Fort Lauderdale, which is adding vertical density to the region. Both of these factors impact traffic in South Florida. More people equals more cars. Ongoing development equates to temporary congestion and detours. The South Florida community needed a simple response to increased traffic congestion that could be implemented quickly and effectively. Rather than reinvent the wheel, CTS Engineering and the FDOT promoted carpooling.


The familiarity of carpooling and the frequency of its use were our chief selling points. We chose to film this production from multiple perspectives to appeal to a larger audience. Our video targeted parents, teenagers, and working adults. The purpose of this video was not to convince the community on the efficacy of carpooling. It was to encourage residents to think about making small strides in energy conservation and to promote thoughtful planning in the way we navigate our city every day.

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