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Douglas Elliman Development Marketing

Douglas Elliman Development Marketing draws upon decades of experience and market-specific knowledge to promote world-class properties to global audiences in over 60 countries. They collaborate with leading developers, world-renowned architects, and interior designers to create the most coveted properties in the most attractive markets.


Their presence has become a hallmark to burgeoning cityscapes. If Douglas Elliman Development Marketing is showcasing a new property in your city, it means that your city is in the international spotlight. Douglas Elliman Development Marketing hired us to film their showcase of this ultra-modern residence in Fort Lauderdale.


To fully sell the luxury of this property, we needed to showcase the flawless appliances, sightlines, and amenities. One of the core challenges we encountered in this production was showing the function of an appliance, like a rainfall shower faucet, without having anyone in the shot. This required some skills of the trade. It’s not easy filming a shower faucet turning on without having anyone in the shot. But we made it work flawlessly. Ultimately, this property showcase embodies a true sense of luxury, which draws the viewer in and makes them fantasize about living in this particular residence. This is exactly what Douglas Elliman asked us to provide.

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