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New York
Grilled Cheese

Ooey-Gooey Disruption

New York Grilled Cheese came to us wanting sexy videos that showcased their gourmet, handcrafted grilled cheese sandwiches. Together, we produced and edited two videos for New York Grilled Cheese that were meant to entice patrons into ordering an ooey-gooey sandwich from their menu. Because sex is still seen as a taboo subject to speak about publicly, there’s a huge history of disruptive marketing campaigns that use sex to sell their products. Disruptive marketing is meant to challenge the status quo. It’s memorable and can be extremely engaging to the right audience.

One video features a male model, and the other a female model so that all gazes can enjoy the appeal of a fresh, hot sandwich being devoured by an attractive person.


If there’s one thing that we at C&I Studios understand about marketing in the modern world, it’s that disruptive marketing can really help a campaign gain traction. Disruptive marketing is not a new creative advertising concept but has become more prevalent with the rise of internet advertisements and social media content.


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