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Ranger Tech Resources
Hour of Code

Ranger Good Works 

Ranger Good Works is a nonprofit charity in Fort Lauderdale. Their mission is to close the education gap separating school districts.

How do they achieve this? By supporting underfunded institutions across South Florida “through community outreach, donations, volunteering, technology distribution, marketing efforts, software services, and connections.”

ranger good works
Client Ranger Technical Resources

Ranger Tech Resources
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Client Ranger Tech Resources, Inc.

Technology and Proficiency 

Computer coding is a present-day skill, designed for the future.

We live in a Digital Age, and our education system needs to participate in this.

Computer technologies are a requirement for standard education, today. Students without access to computer technologies are more likely to fall behind their peers in testing and reading proficiency.

But we have to realize that…

Not every school is funded equally.

Technology is expensive. In some areas, it is hard to justify spending on computers when other, more immediate expenses need to be addressed (like school lunches). Computers (a whole classroom’s full, to be exact) are just not in every school’s budget.

Unfortunately, it is the children who suffer these shortcomings. 

Ranger Good Works recognizes this. They support the community by supplying underfunded schools with great learning materials. They believe that every child deserves an equal education… and they’re right.

Community Partners – C&I Studios and Ranger Good Works

The Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is an international initiative that promotes the importance of computer science in young learners.

We joined Ranger Good Works and a sea of volunteers to provide exciting, challenging learning opportunities for over 800 deserving kids at Dillard Elementary because we, too, believe that effective community outreach serves to empower individuals and groups.

Volunteering our marketing services meant helping Ranger Good Works fulfill their mission for the community. It was a no-brainer. Providing the means for disadvantaged youth to overcome present and future obstacles was a great honor.