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Video and Film Production Crew for Hire
Video and Film
Production Crew for Hire

As a professional video company that serves all regions of the U.S. and beyond, you can trust C&I Studios to make your vision a reality

No Detail Escapes the Eyes of Our Video Production Professionals

When you contract one of our production crew members, you will be receiving top-notch service from an industry professional. They’ll find the best angles and the most suitable locations for capturing film. Our crew takes on a clients-eye-view so that your most memorable moments are filmed with quality in mind.

From the Director of Photography to the Production Assistants, and every production crew member in between; you can rely on our crew’s expertise and be rest assured they will produce high-quality media that meets your standards.

Our crew members are not restricted to our studio locations, we offer our services globally. Wherever your next production takes you, the C&I Studios production crew will be right there with you capturing every vital moment. Let us help you make movie magic. Our crew, production gear, and studio spaces are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Closeup Of Female Makeup Artist Applying Makeup To A Male Artist With Joshua In The Background Wearing A Gray Cap And Black Headphones

The Producer is the person who oversees the entire production. They are in charge of planning and executing the crucial parts of the production; including but not limited to work before, during, and after the filming. A few examples of what they will oversee are script selection, hiring talent, the production schedule, and making sure that any and all post-production edits and reshoots are done.

Director of Photography
Crew Members Filming Projector Images On A Set

The Director of Photography is the overseer of the lighting and camera crews during production. They are responsible for making sure that the aesthetic of the footage is matching the tone of the script and vision of the director. They make many of the artistic and technical decisions for the film that include, but are not limited to, camera brands and types used to shoot the footage, filters being used, or what camera lenses to are needed.

Camera Operator
Closeup Of RED Video Camera

The Camera Operator is the person in charge of operating the camera equipment during filming. It is their job to capture the footage. They know how to frame a shot, how to work the camera to its fullest potential including any accessories such as switching out lenses, and making sure they’re capturing the right kind of footage for the film

1st AC
Black And White Of Joshua Wearing A Mask Working With Equipment On A Set

The 1st AC, or Focus Puller, is responsible for maintaining the camera. This can include things such as clearing dirt from the film gate and adjusting the follow focus. They assist with the upkeep of the cameras while filming, and it is their main job to keep the subject being filmed in focus. This job takes knowledge of a mass range of cameras and how to operate them properly.

2nd AC
Steven Perez Using A Clapboard In Front Of Joshua Who Is Looking On

It is the job of the 2nd AC, or Clapper Loader, to take care of things like loading film, slating scenes, or maintaining the camera report. They are in charge of keeping a log of scenes, takes, rolls, photographic filters used, and other production data. They maintain records and paperwork for the camera department.

Movi Operator
Blurry Image Of Crew Members Working In The Water With Video Camera

This person is in charge of operating the movi apparatus and camera effectively. They know how to set up and use the movi rig properly. They’ll know how to attach any camera to their rig and operate it successfully for the production.

Audio Mixer
View From Behind Of Staff Member Working With Audio Equipment

The Audio Mixer works in post-production on audio edits. They are in charge of making sure all audio is clear and clean by removing background noise. It is also their job to make sure that the film’s audio provides the correct aesthetic to the film’s footage.

Boom Operator
Four Male Crew Members On The Field With A Jeep In The Background

The Boom Operator is an important role in the audio crew. They’ll operate any and all audio equipment on set. That includes all microphones on set, including the titular boom microphones, and upkeep all audio equipment throughout filming.

Man Fixing Overhead Light In A Studio While Another Person Holds Him

The Gaffer is in charge of lighting the entire production. They will be managing all lighting equipment and troubleshooting any lighting problems that might come up. They will also be in charge of the crew that handles all the lighting equipment for the production.

View From Behind Of Male Crew Member Filming A Woman Walking Across A Stage

The Grip is the person who sets up the camera support equipment. They are in charge of making sure the rigging fully supports and allows the camera to move as it needs to. They know how to operate camera dollies, cranes, tracks and understand all camera setup.

Woman Looking Down At A Camera She Is Holding While A Man And Woman Look On

DITs support the camera team with technical and creative tasks regarding the digital camera. Their purpose is to ensure the production has the best technical quality possible. They are also responsible for managing data on set, such as making backups and quality checks of the material.

Production Assistant
Closeup Of Amy With Long Blond Hair Holding A Red Marker Using A Cell Phone

The Production Assistant’s supports the director and the producer on set. They perform a plethora of jobs such as distributing scripts to coordinating talent on set, and running any errands for the film production as needed. Production assistants are there to the support the entire production in order to keep the film running smoothly.

We’ve Got the Video Production
Professionals to Help Grow Your Business

We’ve Got the Video Production Professionals to Help Grow Your Business

We hope to provide greater peace of mind for our clients by offering them everything they need to produce high-quality photographs, videos, and films. To best serve our clients, we expand our structures and organize ourselves to meet your custom video and film production needs.

Do you already have a production in mind? We have the ability to provide you with world-class creative direction. We can help you develop a compelling concept, write the script, and draw the storyboard all from your initial idea. We’ve got you completely covered!

Our video and film production professionals can handle everything from a run and gun shoot to full-scale film productions. We will provide you with the crew and the production equipment to guarantee quality results.

Closeup of white Komodo camera on display

All of Your Film Production Needs
Under One Roof, Available to
You 24-Hours, 7 Days-a-Week

Our company combines the quality of C&I Studios’ production equipment with the convenience of renting a contracted crew to create a customized solution for your company. You can always be confident in the quality of our equipment. Each piece of equipment you rent from us is the same equipment we use.

View our entire production gear list here. If we don’t have what you need, contact us. We guarantee that we will be able to get that equipment to you anytime, anywhere. Our crew, production gear, and studio rentals are all available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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