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TV-MA | 26 min

Joshua Miller connects with Anthony Morey, the Executive Director of A+D Museum in Los Angeles, in Episode 5 of Uncreative Radio. This week, Josh and Anthony discuss navigating the professional arena as young professionals hellbent on establishing a meaningful career in the arts.

Together, they pose the question, what characteristics are integral to success? Perhaps it is passion and determination that are the primary ingredients; perhaps it is who you know; or could it be age, discipline, and the landscape where we plant our lives… No. It is staying engaged with thresholds of learning, constantly striving to expand our perspectives… So, then, does it all comes down to listening? If so, why is every single person shouting at the top of their lungs, screaming to be heard — dying to be seen? And why, oh why!  don’t more people put down their phones and head to a local museum for a proper dose of culture?

Anthony and Josh have insights.

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