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Uncreative Radio with Dan Perri

"You gotta grind in L.A. It's different here."

Uncreative Radio
Airing Thursday, August 29, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Dan Perri in Los Angeles, where he works as a men’s groomer for some of the most famous names of our generation (so famous we can’t even mention them).

We’ve known Dan Perri for years. We have collaborated with him on some dope video series and worked with him behind the scenes. We’ve seen him grow and have been fortunate enough to be a part of his outstanding evolution as a hairstylist/men’s groomer. In fact, he still cuts a few of the guy’s hair here at the studio (but only in Los Angeles).

Just as our business has spread from city to city over the course of a decade, growing in size and prestige, so has Dan Perri’s career. It’s actually really cool seeing a good friend’s career take off the way Dan’s has. From Fort Lauderdale, he moved to Jersey, where he got in deep with some really rich clients, and from there he pursued higher education in order to work with even more renowned characters on the West Coast. His work ethic and dedication to his craft is something we greatly admire. It’s actually what landed him a spot on Uncreative Radio!

Episode 10

On Episode 10 of Uncreative Radio, Dan Perri shares defining moments throughout his professional career and how it evolved from humble beginnings. Right now, Dan is at the pinnacle of his career. He is working with celebrities on a personal level, as well as, behind the scenes during A-list productions.

His connection with his clientele is what elevates Dan as a personal groomer. He isn’t there just to make his clients look good. He is there to listen to them–to be their outlet of expression, reflection, and discretion. With great responsibility comes great trust, after all. And, as you will learn in Episode 10, that is what continues to mold and define his career.

Tune-in August 29th at 6 PM ET to join Josh Miller and Dan Perri on-air for Uncreative Radio. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

If you live in Los Angeles and are in need of a haircut, hit Dan Perri up on Instagram!

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