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TV-MA | 38 min

This week’s episode inspires the question, “Who are the messengers of our time?” Gaby Duran believes the responsibility falls on today’s musicians. But are they our generation’s sole intellectual guides?

In today’s age of technology, every artist is given a platform to voice their thoughts and opinions. Simultaneously, each audience group is given virtually unlimited access to information. So, who do they prioritize, and why do musicians typically have a larger platform to preach from? There’s only one way to find out if Gaby Duran’s expectations for today’s musicians are grounded in substance or bias. And that’s to watch the episode on Youtube.

“We, the Musicians…”

We do agree with Gaby Duran that musicians have an outstanding ability to mediate opinions. We’ve been working to put the South Florida rap and hip hop scene on the map to help enlighten the masses. Our ongoing video series, Freestyle Friday, features a new artist each week–artists who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. This is rhetoric in freeform and it’s definitely worth checking out. Start from the beginning with rapper Sam Stan to see how the freestyle evolves. It’s quite the ride!


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