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Uncreative Radio with Mario Ramil

"Working a nine to five is a trap. Don't fall for it."

Episode 18 Airs Thursday, October 24th, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Mario Ramil!

“Did he hold him at dickpoint?” 

Mario Ramil is a stand-up comedian and social media influencer. He is a Miami native and a visionary with a potty mouth. After quitting his nine-to-five to pursue stand up comedy fulltime, Mario inadvertently started a second job… As if stand up comedy wasn’t a hard enough industry to break into, he decided to create a hub called XQUME Miami, where creatives and artists come together as a community and collectively create original content to potentially monetize and expose their art from Miami to the world.

XQUME Miami has set the stage for performers and creatives in our community to show the world their art. And that is something we really dig. We’ve been on a similar mission for some time, using our platform #Uncreative as a soapbox from which local artists can share their talents, connect with their peers and build towards their goals.

We invited Mario Ramil to be our guest in Episode 18 of Uncreative Radio to discuss his craft, his notoriety as one of Miami’s most recognized comedians, and his attitude towards cancel culture. In typical fashion, however, Mario inadvertently instigated a second conversation… one of close proximity masturbation, family values, and Bill Cosby’s new stand up show which was filmed from his prison cell.

The meat and potatoes of Uncreative Radio with Mario Ramil

Before getting off track, Mario Ramil and Joshua Miller talk about family responsibility, deep-seated ambitions, and how the two can either conflict or inspire the courage needed to act without any more hesitation. If you are an aspiring artist — or even a semi-established artist — then this is a conversation you’ll want to listen to. And if you’re stuck in a frequency of depression or doubt then their insights may be what’s needed to jog your mind, reignite your drive, and inspire the confidence that first got you started.

Oh, and on the topic of Bill Cosby’s new stand up show, which was filmed from his prison cell, know that

  1. Bill Cosby was one of Josh’s former idols (keyword: former)
  2. Josh respected Bill Cosby’s career so much that he recited his history on our History Matters series (Yes, it’s since been taken down and deleted. And, yes, you can watch other great episodes by clicking the #HistoryMatters hashtag on our blog)
  3. This is just a joke

Tune in on Thursday, October 24th at 6 PM to watch Mario Ramil and Joshua Miller on the funniest episode of Uncreative Radio to date!

#UNCREATIVERadio airs every Thursday at 6 PM.

Our guests are some of the brightest minds in their industry. Most are self-starters and artists doing everything they can to establish their name among the best of the best. If you have great ambitions in life, then this is your source for art, entertainment, and inspiration.

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