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Uncreative Radio with Ptah Quammie

How to become a breakout artist in nude photography

Uncreative Radio Episode 7
On-Air Thursday, April 9th, 2020, at 6:00 PM ET


Joshua: "How did you get into nude photography?"

Ptah: "I just asked to..."

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Ptah Quammie, a renowned South Florida fashion photographer!

Ptah Quammie has made a big name for himself among photographers, fashionistas, models, and star-studded personalities. His unique style of photography is a transformative experience that melds beauty with science fiction and fantasy, making his work absolutely one-of-a-kind. From fashion photography, he moved into nude photography, which is his true bread and butter. Unlike most, he uses nude photography as a gateway to metamorphosis. If you need help wrapping your head around it, check out his Instagram @artcrazyphotog.

This. Is. Quarantine vs. Routine with Ptah Quammie.

In this episode of Uncreative Radio with Ptah Quammie, a.k.a. “Art Crazy,” we’re taking a trip inside coronavirus happenings to share some unique insights on how you can generate a dollar during these uncertain times.

It goes without saying, but pretty much everyone in the world is in a similar predicament. We’re unemployed. We’re isolated. And we’re bored. Well, not all of us are bored. Not exactly.

Despite our professions, we’re all being forced to think outside of the box to keep our businesses afloat. This holds especially true to those of us in the creative industry. We’re having to be more resourceful during this economic lull, offering services and tapping into overlooked avenues we would not normally pursue. In a way, this is a silver lining. Innovation is a healthy practice in business management and development… Just so long as you know how and when to pivot.

In this episode of Uncreative Radio, Ptah Quammie is sharing the unique ways he’s navigating the coronavirus crisis, as well as ways in which you can turn a dollar in the absence of your usual workload.

Tune in this Thursday, April 9th at 6PM for a lesson on coronavirus business management with keynote speaker, Ptah Quammie. Class is in session.

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