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Uncreative Radio with Stichiz

"Chance The Rapper has a little grandma in him."

Episode 19 Airs Thursday, October 31st, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Stichiz!

Who are you supposed to be?

Did you grow up knowing exactly who you were supposed to be? Did you know which career you were destined for? Was your path in life so clearly illuminated? For some, there is no confusion about who they are and what their calling in life is. Stichiz is one such person. Or, as we like to say, Stichiz Knows Best.

Stichiz (@stichiz) is a popular radio personality on Miami’s 103.5 The Beat. She has been described as “a trilingual, tongue-twisting, international award-winning Entertainer and artist on the rise by publications across the globe.” She is a woman of God, a community champion, and a musical artist… so far. Her music is described as a schizophrenic experience, dubbed as such because of the various genres and languages she mixes in each track. She just released a few new songs on Spotify. Check them out and let her know what you think.

One thing we learned about Stichiz on this episode of Uncreative Radio is that she possesses this uncanny ability to change personalities on a whim. It’s impossible to say how many rival voices are competing for air time in her head, but what we can say without a doubt is that Stichiz Knows Best. Regardless of the topic being discussed (and in this episode there are many), she has a personality that knows the facts and is prepared to share their interpretations.

As a woman of God, she injects her outlook with positivity, channeling good energy in everything she says. Even still, Joshua Miller attempts to stir the pot, so stick around…

Tune in at 6 PM with Joshua Miller, Stichiz, and her dozen personalities for an unforgettable episode of Uncreative Radio.

#UNCREATIVERadio airs every Thursday at 6 PM.

Our guests are some of the brightest minds in their industry. Most are self-starters and artists doing everything they can to establish their name among the best of the best. If you have great ambitions in life, then this is your source for art, entertainment, and inspiration.

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