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10 Reasons Why a Testimonial Video will Increase Your Sales Today

So, you’ve decided that you want to use videos in your marketing strategy. Great! You’ve looked into the different kinds of videos and are still trying to decide where to start.

Here at C&I Studios, we suggest starting with a Testimonial Video. No matter the industry, testimonial videos are always a great way to showcase how your company benefits your customers and community.

Testimonials are video reviews of either your company’s ability to provide the service advertised or of customers who have previously purchased your products. Testimonials are widely used among businesses worldwide because they are supposed to help us make decisions about buying products, especially if the testimonials come from people we trust.

Testimonial videos have become popular in our everyday lives. We’ve all seen them before on Youtube or other video-sharing sites where a user will post a testimonial video of completing a task or of customers raving about a brand’s product.

Why should you use testimonials in your marketing strategy today? We’ve put together 10 reasons why testimonial videos can help increase sales for your company.

1. Testimonials demonstrate what you offer

People want to know about what your company can offer them. Do you have fantastic services that they need or want? And how do you differ from the competition? Or, what products do you sell that you want to put in front of them that you know have great reviews?

In a testimonial video, your customers can plainly show your target audience exactly how their interaction with you and your company went. It leaves little, if anything, to question about the process of service or the product, depending on what you’re selling.

By using testimonial videos, you’ll be able to give your target market a real testimonial from someone that they already know and trust.

2. They’re versatile

Testimonial videos can be used in many different parts of your marketing strategy if need be! You don’t have to use testimonial videos in your advertisements only. If you want testimonials from people who’ve bought a certain product, testimonial videos can do that. They can be embedded directly on the product’s page where people can experience both the testimonial video as well as other people’s written reviews.

Similarly, testimonial videos work great on social media, both as regular posts and as paid ads. We all know testimonial videos increase sales and conversions. So, naturally testimonials video work great as a way to convince social media followers to buy your product or service because the videos will tell them exactly what they need to hear in order to make the purchase decision!

If you have a regularly e-mailed newsletter, adding in videos can makes the experience more interactive. Testimonial videos will help push the potential customer into clicking on any links in the e-mail.

The possibilities are endless!

3. They’re authentic

Testimonial videos tend to be very genuine and authentic. Because testimonial videos are so popular and can be found all over the internet, testimonials need to come from real people and not actors. As a consumer, it’s easy for us to spot testimonials that have been faked.

You’ll want testimonial videos where the testimonials come from people who reflect your target market – because those testimonials are going to have so much more weight. A testimonial video from your community member is going to be more influential than testimonials from celebrities that may or may not have ever even used your product or service. Not to mention, it’s also a lot cheaper to use actual customers than actors or celebrities. Social media influencers are another option, but they also may feel too forced. While they’re more likely to actually use your product or service and give a realistic review, potential customers may still see them as paid actors. Be careful when considering who to get a testimonial from.

If testimonials come from people that are similar to your target market, you can expect that testimonial to be able to help convince your audience the most because they’re already very much alike. This is why testimonial videos are so popular – they help the customer decide on whether or not the brand’s products will fit into their personal lifestyle.

4. Testimonials provide a personal touch

Testimonial videos play an important role in obtaining and retaining sales. The testimonials from previous customers allow those who are currently searching for a product to feel as if they’re being heard because now they have a testimonial from someone who is just like them.

It’s much more powerful to have testimonials from like-minded people who have experienced purchasing and using your product or service. They also allow your company to show its creative side through video production. You can show off the workplace in the background, interview employees on their testimonial of working for you, and more. You can even shoot testimonial videos in a more personable setting like someone’s home or outdoors to give testimonials that personal touch! It all depends on the message you want to send to your target audience.

5. They convey professionalism

When testimonial videos are done correctly, they convey professionalism. When testimonials come from real people, they help gain customers trust because testimonials provide authenticity and transparency by showcasing your company’s professionalism through the eyes of your current customer base.

An audience can also see testimonial videos as an indicator of character. Testimonials show that there’s a real, authentic company behind the products.

6. They capture customers attentions

If you want your testimonial video to be watched, you’ll need to catch your target market’s attention.

You’ll want testimonial videos that are short and to the point. They can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute in length maximum. People don’t want to watch a video where the speaker talks and talks about things that don’t pertain to their experience, so making sure that your testimonial video only includes the facts and some relatable content is important. Potential customers want to be able to see themselves in the position of the person giving the testimonial and visualize their future experience.

When testimonials are done correctly, they allow your potential customers time to hear what you have to say but not so much time that they lose interest. Testimonial videos that are too long can be a turnoff. They need to be simple and easy-to-understand testimonials, not long and drawn-out where the testimonial is rambling on and on.

By keeping them short and sweet, you’re actually making them more versitile! Shorter videos are able to be posted on more social media platforms such as TikTok where they limit video lengths to 1 minutes at the most. People are also more likely to watch a minute or less long video on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or else they may click away and move on to the next piece of information that isn’t yours.

7. They put your best foot forward

Testimonial videos showcase the best of what you have to offer directly from your previous customers! A testimonial video will give your business a better shot at being viewed by the public because they have a way of humanizing brands. You can create testimonial videos that allow people to understand what makes your company unique. Allowing you to build up a reputation within the community.

When testimonial videos show reviews from past customers, they help show that your company is successful and it also shows that you’re willing to share testimonials from previous customers rather than hide them in fear of bad press getting out. You want potential customers to hear nothing but good things, but you also want it to be realistic, which makes testimonial videos perfect for getting the good word out about your company.

Testimonial videos convey transparency and this builds trust with potential customers.

8. They’re easy to share

Testimonial videos are extremely popular. Because testimonial videos are so popular, testimonials can be found all over the internet. When testimonials can easily be shared, testimonial videos maintain high exposure and increase awareness of your brand!

Videos are easy to post between social media platforms, marketing emails, and on websites. Being able to easily share means that you can easily grow your audience and gain more views on your videos.

If you go the route of asking influencers who have used your products or services for their recommendation of your company, it should be known that it’s very easy for them to create quick testimonial videos on social media platforms themselves such as TikTok or Instagram.

9. They inspire further testimonial sharing

Since we know that they’re easy to share, it should be said that they inspire others to share their own testimonials about your company.

Testimonial videos can be found all over the internet. When testimonials are shared, testimonials are also capable of being viewed by millions of people all around the world! Testimonials spread quickly – testimonial videos help you increase awareness, exposure, and gain a following that could turn into loyal, returning customers!

People love to share their opinions and experiences. If they didn’t, websites like Yelp wouldn’t be so successful. Once people know they can share their own testimonials with ease, testimonial videos become more interesting and engaging in the eyes of potential customers.

When testimonials are shared, testimonials also inspire people to share their personal experiences which can bring an attention back on you!

10. They increase your conversions

If testimonials are done correctly, testimonial videos will lead to more conversions because they’ll build trust between you and your target market. You can then use testimonials in your advertising to help teach consumers how they should feel about the product or service that you’re selling them.

The more invested your audience is in your business, the easier it is for them to spend the money on your products or services. Testimonials can be very powerful and have a big impact on your potential customers. That’s why testimonial videos are so popular – marketers know that testimonials are really great for boosting sales!


If done correctly, testimonial videos can be a company’s best friend. Testimonial videos help potential customers gain trust and help businesses gain sales!

Don’t know where to begin with video production, or just don’t have the time to create a testimonial video? Consider hiring a professional video production company like C&I Studios.

C&I Studios is ready to help you create the perfect videos for your business. We can help you to create all kinds of video marketing including, but certainly not limited to, testimonial videos, how-to videos, explainer videos – C&I Studios has got you covered!

Contact us today to get started on your testimonial video!

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