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8 Important tips to grow your Shopify store

As a Shopify store owner, it is your responsibility to quickly generate sales and get shopify store conversions with little stress. You’re wanting to boost your sales and expand your customer base.

But how does one go about doing that? Other than setting up the Shopify store, what should you be doing to increase your visibility and drive traffic to your store? There’s a lot you can be doing!

The tips below will help your Shopify shop to grow, and help you to be a successful business overall.

Build a customer mailing list

E-mailed newsletters are a great way to keep your current customers updated on any sales, discount codes, new products, or events that your store will be hosting. They can even alert your customers to new blog posts, videos, or giveaways on your social media platforms. The only downside to e-mailed newsletters is that sometimes they end up in the spam folder, or hidden in Gmail’s Promotion Folder. But they generally bring in a lot of sales from both new and returning customers.

But how do you get people to sign up for e-mail marketing? Well, people love discounts and promotions. By offering your customers a coupon once they sign up to your mailing list, you will gain more shopify traffic and shopify sales. Or, you can offer them another type of incentive such as a free download in the confirmation e-mail they receive right after signing up. Anything inexpensive or free will grab the attention of new potential subscribers.

A shopify store is not like other stores, it’s 100% online. Therefore, marketing online is essential for shopify store marketing. Once someone subscribes to your customer mailing list, you can then market to them on shopify through Facebook shop-related ads, sponsored Pins on Pinterest, or shop-specific ads on Google Adwords.

Having a customer mailing list will help your shopify store to grow in sales and turn into something more successful than you ever imagined!

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Another Shopify growth hack that you should implement is to make your shop mobile-friendly. Make sure customers can shop with ease whether they are on a phone or a tablet and their experience will be positive. This way, customers will enjoy using your shop and any product research they do will lead to sales.

It’s rare that a website or online store doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version of the website. If you don’t make sure that your Shopify store is able to be viewed on mobile devices, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of income.

Right now, most people do their online shopping on their phones or tablets, and if customers can’t easily use your Shopify site, they’re going to click away without making a purchase, and may never click on your links again if they remember that your site wasn’t neat and tidy. And that’s something you truly want to avoid.

Have Amazing Product Photos

To put it simply, you’re not going to sell anything if you don’t have pictures of the products you’re trying to sell that are appealing. The product photography you post on your Shopify store should be top notch if you ever want to see shopify store growth.

There are many pictures that can lead to shopify sales – your main product image, images of the products in use, close-up shots of individual products, and any other photos you think would sell your shopify shop for you!

Product photography isn’t black and white, hit or miss. It’s something you can be creative with, to an extent. But you want to make sure it’s not too over the top that people are not buying because they think it’s fake or believe that the props you’re using are included with the product. You also don’t want to have photos of bad quality that won’t maximize shopify store conversions.

For tips on product photography, check out our previous blog post on the subject here. We’ve also written about product on white photography, too, so be sure to check that out if that’s the direction you want to take with your own product photography.

Create A Blog and Keep Up with It

If your Shopify store does not have a blog, try creating one! Your Shopify blog is another opportunity for customer engagement. Customers enjoy reading blogs filled with informative content and are more likely to shop if they know that you can offer them great deals or fun content that they will enjoy.

Blogs should be relevant to the industry in which your Shopify falls into. If your shop sells craft supplies, having a blog that takes you through patterns and tutorials will give people ideas on how to use the products you sell. Fashion blogs that teach people how to style the clothing you’re selling will have a similar effect. You want your blog to grab peoples’ attentions, so don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box!

You don’t even have to do all of the writing for your blog. If you have the chance to talk to your industry influencers, you can hire them to write guest blogs for your site. And they’ll share it with their followers who will, if they like the content you’ve been putting out, follow your blog, your social media profiles, sign up for your newsletter, and make purchases!

You’ll want to make sure that you’re posting regularly to your blog. Regular posting, whether it’s twice a week, every weekday, or anything in between, regular postings will keep current readers engaged because they know when to expect new content, but also bring in new readers by boosting your blog’s searchability with every search engine (we call this Search Engine Optimization, or SEO). You need to make sure you’re using proper keywords, too. Doing a little bit of research on best SEO practices would be incredibly beneficial to boosting your company’s visibility.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Shoppers use social media platforms every day so it is not wise to ignore them. Implement Shopify growth hacks by using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to share deals, shop updates, or anything that will catch their attention. You can also create an event on Facebook to advertise a Shopify sale or to promote a shop update.

YouTube will be one of your best assets as far as social media platforms. It might be overlooked due to its age, but YouTube videos are shareable on almost every other social media platform. YouTube also helps to make your videos easy to find via Google and other search engines, as it’s well established. You just want to make sure to follow these guidelines to make your business YouTube videos successful.

TikTok can also do wonders when it comes to driving traffic to your Shopify store. You’ll be more limited as to what you can post on TikTok compared to YouTube, but you’ll be putting your store in front of millions of new potential customers! For the best practices in growing your business using TikTok, check out this blog post!

Listen To Your Customers

Something that every business should do is listen to your customers. They have a lot to say about your store, your customer service, and might have useful ideas on how to improve any part of your business.

Use analytics from Shopify to find out what products are being viewed the most, how people found your shop, and what their online purchases were. By looking at this data, you can make improvements to your shop and marketing campaigns to attract more customers.

Customers always want their voice to be heard, so make sure that you’re paying attention to their comments and messages across social media, too!

Use Conversions To Build Your Audience

In any business, the key to customer loyalty is engagement. Engaged customers are more likely to shop with you again and tell their friends about your shop.

In order to engage a customer, try sending a survey asking them questions regarding what they were looking for when visiting your shop. Then use that information in your future marketing campaigns to attract similar people who will shop your shop.

Conversions are vital to any Shopify business. They enable you to track more than just sales; they allow you to see how many people click, add to carts, and view products. This information is crucial in the improvement of your shop and will give you better insight on who your shop’s target audience is, what kinds of products they want to shop, and what marketing strategies you should implement.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Keeping up with your shop’s competition will help to boost sales for your shop. You can do this by looking at their listings to see which products they’re selling that you aren’t and then look into improving those parts of your shop. This will also give you more ideas on how to grow your shop.

Only sell products that are trending, even if they’re not ones you’d usually shop for. Retailers that have a shop full of items everyone shops for tend to see higher conversions than stores with an itemized shop with just one of each item. It’s not always easy to predict what will become popular or not, so you can shop at other stores like yours to find products that are selling well and shopify growth hacks them into your shop.

In Conclusion…

There are a lot of different things you can and should be doing to boost your Shopify store’s success. From bringing in new customers to retaining retuning customers, these tips will help you to get the sales rolling in to your Shopify store!

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