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Rainbow Kitten Surprise

“You say you’re ok
You’re faking, fucked up
Drinking all day, you give me a cup
And I’ll be damned if we can make it out of this alive, baby

Boy, do we have a surprise for you — a Rainbow Kitten Surprise to exact.

Yes… that’s the name of the band. 🙂

Funny story, they got their name back in college before an open-mic gig. Two members — frontman Sam Melo and guitarist Darrick “Bozzy” Keller — went to visit a friend in the hospital who had bacterial meningitis and gave him the honor of dubbing their title. In that morphine-drip delirium, three words came together in perfect harmony: Rainbow — Kitten — Surprise. The name stuck. 

It’s hard to pinpoint their musical genre. It’s a mix of indie rock, classic folk, hip-hop and a little something we can’t quite put our finger on. Perhaps that’s what Sam Melo, Darrick “Bozzy” Keller, Ethan Goodpaster, Charlie Holt, and Jess Haney intended all along.

These guys inject a dose of mystery in the sequence of their songs (and albums) just as their name implies.

The unexpected is what makes Rainbow Kitten Surprise — RKS for short — one of the most exciting bands to listen to. Just when you think you have them all figured out, the next track comes to life with a whirlwind of lyrical word-smithing and a side dish of jarring instrumentals that will have you pressing “repeat” over and over again.

Musical genre aside, if there is one thing for certain, this is the type of music you will be singing along to. To put it plainly, it’s a “ZERO F&%#$ GIVEN” kind of singalong. Whether you’re in the car alone, in the office listening to RKS on your headphones, or watching them live doesn’t matter. You’ll be singing with all the passion your creaky, raspy, untrained vocal cords can muster.

One of our favorite aspects of Rainbow Kitten Surprise is their stage presence. It’s contagious and exciting — a real rock n’ roll show. The last time we saw them was when they played at Revolution Live in downtown Fort Lauderdale. By the way, if you live in South Florida and want to see these guys rock Fort Lauderdale Beach, they’ll be playing live at Riptide Music Festival.

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