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How Creative Photography Can Set Your Business Apart

Nothing grabs attention like a stunning visual. It’s the very thing that many social media channels are based on. 


While content is king, a good photograph is timeless.  


Creative photography will set you apart from your competition and get your brand noticed…and remembered.  


Professional photography that captures a moment in time almost as if by secret, has the ability to see through the surface, and make people laugh, cry, imagine, and create.


Here’s why it works and how you can start using photography to transform your business today. 


It Makes Your Social Media Accounts Stand Out 


Great visuals make your content more shareable and help your social media accounts really stand out. 


Social media channels, like Instagram, rely primarily on visual content. Instagram has become heavily used in businesses, and most have an Instagram account. In fact, there are more than 25 million business users. 


For businesses to reach consumers and other companies, good quality, engaging content is key. 


To stand out on social media, you’ll need to go beyond just providing snapshots. 


Come up with a creative strategy for your social media channels, where you outline your posts and determine the timing and the best type of content for each social media channel.


Buyer personas are essential here because they enable you to get to know your ideal customer, and give you the insight needed to create visuals that will get their attention. 


Visual content that makes an impact is more likely to get shared, meaning more people will hear about your company. This drives brand awareness and helps your company get noticed. 


It Makes Your Products Look Good 


Creative photography will showcase your products in a new light- they’ll look good and get the type of attention you want.  


When selling products or services online, you need to spark an emotion between your audience and whatever you’re selling. 


Creative photography can help you convey the mood that you’re going for, can evoke emotion between you and your audience and can help entice your prospects to make a purchase. 


Have you ever purchased a product that looked nothing like the photograph online? Good photography enables the customer to see the product true to life, meaning fewer chances of them being surprised after the fact.  


It Helps You Tell a Story 

By using photography to convey your brand and evoke emotion from your audience, you’ll be better able to tell a story. Particularly in social media, where storytelling relies more heavily on imagery rather than text, you’ll be able to connect better with your audience. 


For storytelling, make a connection with your audience through meaningful messages, and create ideas that spark change. For example, we used photography to explore the idea that Natural Beauty is Under Attack.


The beauty industry is enormous. But so is the impact of photography, which can capture the hearts and minds of entire nations as history foretells. 


Great Images Can Help You Improve SEO 


We know content is essential for SEO, but did you know that images can also help you improve your search engine rankings? 


Optimized photos can help you get found in a web search. The more images you use, the better your chances of getting noticed. Regularly posting on your website, blog, and social media will help your brand increase your organic ranking. 


To optimize your images for SEO, use an image that’s relevant to the text, add a caption, and use alt text. 


It Helps You Make a Good First Impression


Your business has a mere 7 seconds to make an impression on a potential customer. This makes creative photography crucial for your business. 


A lackluster photo is not likely to make an impression on your customer. This is where the buyer persona research comes into play again.


By knowing your target audience’s preferences, you’ll be able to come up with photos that will make an immediate impact on your target customer and get them to stick around longer on your website. 


Tips for Taking Better Photographs 


Now you know the reasons behind using great photographs in business, let’s talk about tips for creating incredible photographs that stand out for your business. 


Learn How to Use the Light


Photography is essentially painting with light. If you can learn how to manipulate the light or use the natural light you have to your advantage, then you’ll be ahead of the curve. 


One of the most basic photography skills to learn is the exposure triangle. This is ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. All three of these tools work together to create the perfect exposure in-camera, reducing the need for filters or other post-processing. 


Bad lighting will do nothing for your products and could turn potential customers off from your brand because it risks making you look like a novice.  


To produce perfectly exposed images, you can use your DSLR’s “auto” mode. But to get more creative control over the final product, use the basics of the exposure triangle. 


Pay Attention to Your Background 

To make your subject stand out, you’ll want to use uncluttered backgrounds for your images. If you’re using your desk as a backdrop, get rid of any wires, pens, or clutter and anything else that will take the attention of your main subject. 


You can also purchase a lightbox or make your own to use for your photoshoots. 


Also, avoid any busy backgrounds, and when shooting for social media, keep consistency in mind. You don’t want to have various experiences on your social media feed that will not provide a cohesive feel to your feed or website. 


Stay True to Your Brand 


Before you even start taking photos, you should know the look and feel that you want for your images. This will come from your market research as well as your buyer persona research. 

For a clean and modern look, you’ll want to stick with light backgrounds, with minimal props and natural lighting. For a more traditional look, you can go with warmer colors and more subdued lighting. 

Whatever look you choose, make sure it reflects your brand and is backed by your research. This way, there are fewer chances of having to redo your brand feel in the near future. 


Reaping the Benefits of Creative Photography 


By taking your imagery to the next level and by providing creative photography for your business, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from your competition. 


You’ll also establish a consistent look and feel for your brand and form deeper connections with your audience. 


Need help in making this a reality? Get in touch and learn how our photography and marketing services can help you take your brand to the next level. 

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