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How to Use Effective Video Storytelling Formats

Use Video For a Powerfully Effective Way to Tell The Story of Your Brand

Utilizing video is a dynamic strategy that you can implement as a business owner. Not only will it provide a way for you to showcase your products and services, but it will also give your audience insight into your brand’s charisma.

Video storytelling formats are just as important as the content itself, and you’ll need to optimize both if you want to get in tune with the best results.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into everything you need to know.

Your Brand’s Personal Stories

One of the most common reasons brands use video is to show their audience who they are. And, telling your brand’s personal story is the foundation for connecting with your audience.

Common concepts with creative insights include your unique brand origins, information about the good ‘ol days of the company, and how you impact your community. The aim here is to remind your audience that your company is run by actual people, not people who hide behind computers and are impossible to get ahold of.

It’s your time, time to put a face to the name, a concept to the project, the peanut butter to your jelly time.

If your company’s story reaches for the stars and beyond, dedicating the video to how you got the business up and running is a powerful option as it shows both your low points and your high points in the company. It shows that you’re human. At the very least, you can brief the crowd about who created the company, why it is so great, and how your brand currently makes an impact in the world.

Your personal story can go a long way when it comes to building an audience. You’ve got to allow it to be the driving force behind turning dreams into reality, ideas into concepts.

Your Customers’ Stories

Showcasing your past victories through the eyes of your customers allows for stories to come to play in the lives of real people. Thus, gathering others to the screen to press play and get started by integrating your ideas in their life as well.

This type of storytelling format reaches beyond the limits of how much your audience engages with your products or services.

It provides an opportunity for your consumers to express their true nature of feeling while providing insight into how your brand has positively collided into their lives. Take, for example, a company that provides athletic apparel and sportswear.

Their sweat proof, comfortable, hip clothes encourage people to get into shape, feel and look good while hitting the mountains for a bike ride, backpacking the Alps, or even just hitting the local gym. You name it- that apparel has been there through the roughest of terrains and the sweatiest of desserts, free, adapted.

What is it that makes your offer exclusive? Show it off.

Giving your customers a platform to express themselves, show that you care about the success of people who make your business a success. This type of positive reciprocation will serve to draw in even more consumers.

Guides and How-To’s

Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. And how-to videos are some of the most watched types of content around the globe. Let’s get real; it’s only natural that you consider this when making a video for your brand.

What can your product teach others about, and how can it improve their lives?

  • Will you add flavor to dull kitchen life?
  • Laughter to a drab office?
  • Repair for a happy home?
  • The next big-bad-best-shaven beard?

Engage your audience, crack a couple of jokes, get them to share and rewatch your video not just because it is informational, but because it’s engaging, inspirational, exciting and maybe even funny. It is awkward to be a human, tap into the basic humor that defines all of our lives. Follow up with an easy-to-use guide (in terms of complexity, tools, etc.), and the results the audience will get from using it.

It’s also a good idea to consider turning your guide videos into a series. For example, you could offer new how-to content once per week, a few times per month, etc. If you follow up, you get followers, basic algorithms here.

Over time, you’ll build a mountain of how-to videos and guides that people will be likely to find on their own through Google, Youtube, Vimeo, whatever. This, of course, is great for brand awareness and can serve as a stepping stone to new heights for your company.

A Look at Industry Culture

Depending on the industry you’re involved in, there may be some changes going on that require some explaining. Whether it be something controversial that somebody needs to talk about openly or just a couple of clarifications- lets clean it up.

If a problem arises, make a video to discuss it. Offer various opinions along with valid options and solutions going forward. Remember to encourage feedback from your viewers, have real discussions with them, and take their responses to heart. This way, they’ll know you really care.

If there isn’t anything noteworthy occurring in your industry at the moment, you could use the opportunity to show off your company’s pizzaz instead.

Things like employee testimonials, a virtual company tour, and the highlights that make your firm progressive and unique. People love transparency, so give them a look into the life of your world.

Next, we recommend going just a step further up that mountain.

A Day in The Life

Humans are curious creatures, and we can all admit to this. Play into curiosity, hook people’s attention by delivering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what makes your company the ingenious design it’s become (or in the process of becoming).

People often have no idea how your company operates. But trust us on this, if they are thinking of spending money with you, they want to know what lies on the inside. They can’t help but press play and click into your world for a moment. They put themselves in your shoes in a very exciting way.  Show off the size of your team, the day-to-day operations, or the intricacies involved in managing and completing the amazing results you deliver.

Your company has something unique and unconventional about it. The people who run the show every day give it its jazz and sprinkle. Take a moment to showcase that, and have fun doing it!

Did you know that Google has a room dedicated to providing employees with access to showers, coffee, and even a place to nap? Needless to say, this information caught a lot of publicity when it was shown off to the world.

Storytell to entertain, to create, and to make new things possible. Expand your outreach by dipping into the very uniqueness of the personalities and ambitions of the team members that define your company every day. Express how each action creates interaction building teh success and the overall atmosphere that defines your company.

Understanding Video Storytelling Formats Can Seem Difficult

But it really isn’t. The key is to be YOU.

With the above information about video storytelling formats in mind, you’ll be well on your way to climbing and creating a mountain of experience and a river of the possibility that enables your audience as well as your company. Want to ensure your efforts don’t go unnoticed? Discover how we can help with your videos and get in touch with us today.

Want to learn more about creative thinking can benefit your business? Make sure to check out the rest of our blog!

Lastly, don’t forget to grab that peanut butter and get jelly with it!

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