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Freestyle Friday features the best of South Florida rap music!

Give Marnino Toussaint a hand for turning up on this week’s episode of Freestyle Friday and be sure to follow him on Instagram.

If you possess lyrical skills of your own, hit us up to be featured on the next Freestyle Friday. If you are not a lyrical wordsmith but do appreciate artist profiles and spotlights illuminating local talent, then subscribe to our Youtube Channel. We add fresh, original content weekly and just relaunched the ongoing Dailies series with brand new episodes, which now invite you to experience life at C&I Studios.

Putting the South Florida rap scene on the map!

We are passionate about helping other artists wherever we can. Since our headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, we focus a lot of our attention on South Florida artists–musicians, models, poets, and creative entrepreneurs (to name a few). Freestyle Friday is our way of giving South Florida rappers a stage to share their talents and establish South Florida rap music as an elite micro-genre.

We feel it’s important to give artists a place to grow their audience; to market themselves beyond the scope of their network. In fact, that is literally what #UNCREATIVE is all about! If you’ve never checked out our blog, you’re missing out. There is a ton of awesome content to inspire your craft.

You should definitely follow our Youtube Channel, too, if you want to see more original content. Oh, and if you are an artist looking to be featured in an upcoming series, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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