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How to Influence Others Through Video Production

How Video Marketing Can Influence Your Audience

Did you know that people watch over one billion hours of video every day? And that’s on YouTube alone. That figure doesn’t account for the video content watched across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or company websites.

As we’re all aware, video production is booming and shows no sign of stopping. Video content represents nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic today!

With so much competition, your brand needs to jump on the bandwagon to impress and influence potential customers and clients.

If you need further convincing, let’s learn how and why video marketing is so influential to viewers.

Creates Credibility

Today, the world-wide-web is chock full of misinformation and doctored photos. With impressive editing software available that’s easy for most to use, nowadays the credibility of information and images online is questioned.

With video, the credibility is more reliable. After all, photo-shopping a video is more difficult and takes more work than it does with an image. Thanks to this more authentic feel, consumers are more influenced and trusting of video content.

Many customers are afraid to buy from a brand they’re not familiar with based on pictures, due to fear they may be cheated. By watching a company video, they’ll feel more comfortable with the authenticity of the product.

People appreciate that human interaction, even if it is on a screen. They want to see to believe, rather than just to read and look at imagery. By creating a video for your brand online, it’s the closest thing to eye contact as possible. Video allows you to authentically reflect the company ethos of the brand and puts a face and a voice behind the company for consumers to ‘meet’.

In this way, the audience can build a bond with your brand and subconsciously develop a relationship with you. Never underestimate the power and importance of eye contact. Even if it’s just virtual!

Elicits Emotions

What could be a better way to influence a customer than by evoking an emotional response? While written content and imagery can spark up feelings, it’s in no way comparable to the way video can elicit emotion.

Consider some of the television commercials that you can remember. They’ll be adverts that triggered an emotional response in you, whether it was humor, anger, distress, love, sadness, hope, fear, friendship, or any other strong sensation. Perhaps watching it was an emotional roller coaster!

While you don’t need to leave your customers in fits of tears (or who knows, maybe you do?), it’s worth creating powerful content that will stir certain emotions you feel will influence them in the buying process.

Not only can video provoke such strong emotion, but it can also do so in a short period. This is important when in today’s media-saturated world people are scrolling through video content like no tomorrow.

Within seconds, you can capture the entirety of the browser’s attention, eyes, and ears. If your video is engaging enough, that means you’ve captured the concentration of a potential customer whereby their focus is on your business and the message you’re trying to convey.

Likewise, video production companies appeal to the viewer’s emotions by using audio and visual cues. Light background music can blend any ambient sound and incorporate tone and emotion to the video that words and images can’t.

Share Stories

As with conveying emotion, video content allows you to craft a story for your brand. Depending on the purpose of your content, you can tell stories about your employees, company mission, products available, or how your goods can improve customer’s lives.

With video storytelling, you can tell the tale of your company in many ways to align with your brand ethos. Perhaps there will be no speaking parts and only background music, or maybe you’ll use several different actors. The sky’s the limit!

A popular way to influence customers with video storytelling is to convince them that they have a problem that your company can solve. If you engagingly convey the story, you’re more likely to convert viewers into buyers.

The tone, structure, actors, and pacing of the video will, of course, have a huge influence on the effectiveness of the video.

Ideally, you’ll provide a tasteful blend of telling an engaging story while also providing information on your company and its ethos.

Gain Greater Visibility

IU Black and white HighTower

While videos are usually made for company websites, they can also be posted on to YouTube. This is the world’s second-largest engine, owned by the world’s biggest search engine – Google.

So, when you upload your video content to YouTube, it means your brand visibility increases significantly.

Likewise, video content can be shared via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, plus more. The potential video content has of distributing your company’s name out there and increase visibility is limitless.

When potential customers see great visibility of a brand across the world-wide-web, they’re then more likely to be influenced by the message you convey in your video content. This is because higher-visibility breeds trust among browsers, especially if all your platforms and content align together.

Ready to Try Video Production?

Video production is one of the most effective ways to influence customers to buy your product or service. When done well, a video can reach a broader audience and connect with them in a meaningful and emotional way.

Not yet jumped on the bandwagon? Now’s the time to get involved. If you’re looking to hire a professional video production company to help you film creative, engaging, and high-quality video content for your company, then look no further.

Learn about our video and film production services here.

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