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Create Purposeful Video Storytelling in 6 Steps

Create Purposeful Video Storytelling in 6 Steps

Purposeful video storytelling can get you up to 77% more responses.


Meaningful and out of the box video storytelling is more likely to be shared, liked, and commented on. It is more likely to go viral and be remembered. But it has to have a purpose behind it. 


From making life simpler to changing perspectives, it’s time to be purposeful. 


Strong storytelling will build trust with prospective clients and show them your commitment to quality goods and services.


If you can build a story tailored to the needs, struggles, and desires that define humanity and what connects us, you will have accomplished marketing at its finest- a way to change the world. 


How can you tell an impressive story through video and make a difference too? Let’s take a look at what it means to plant seeds through this incredible technology, artwork, and platform for sharing.


1. Tell A Traditional Story

Many videos are designed simply to give clients as much information as they can about the business in a short period. 


A video story, however, is more concise; it will awaken the soul and invoke emotional memories. Professional video services can also help you by asking expert questions that will help you find your story.


Our brains love stories as much as our hearts do. They release oxytocin into your body, altering the way your audience thinks and feels.


A traditional plot structure still works beautifully within a minute and a half. Begin by introducing us to your characters, who have a goal or dream.


They can be met with a problem or obstacle that resolves in the end, ideally because of your product or service.


For example, we used our idea of creative videography to film Faithbox, and a way for kids in Honduras to have three healthy meals a day. Because the next generation of children on planet earth will define its outcome, and we care.


What do you care about?


Show the world. 


2. Use It All

There is no shortage of marketing videos on the internet. If you want your audience to engage with your story and remember what they learned, don’t be afraid to use audio, text, animation, and music.


Any impressive statistics, for example, can be shown as text while you talk about them. Be sure not to bombard your audience with too much information. Highlighting what will interest or impress others will keep them engaged.


You may have to do a little data analysis or conduct surveys within your key demographic. Once you have some interesting facts, present them as infographics or ask a graphic designer to help make them readable. 


3. Get A Video Interview

Video interviews are relatively inexpensive ways to get your message across to prospective customers. You will need to choose subjects with a look and personality that will engage audiences.


Ask around to find happy customers with unique and relatable stories. You might find these folks on your webpage or social media groups.


In a narrative interview, the interviewer asks open-ended questions that invite the interviewee to respond in narrative form. These questions may begin with, “can you tell me about?” or “can you explain your experience with?”

It is essential that customers not overshare. 


Your subjects can share some personal details without giving information that folks will not get interested in. Remember that your video story is best limited to around three minutes. 


Relatable subjects should share experiences that reveal a problem, but not a lack of character. It is important to create a revelation or an uplifting takeaway that will both educate and inspire your listeners.


We create Our Stories so that others can be inspired. 

The power to make a difference is in your hands. 


You can be the subject of your inspiring interview. Tell about your vision for your business, any obstacles you may have encountered, and how you emerged with an even more refined and effective product or service. You can also create a montage of smaller interviews with clients who had similar experiences.

4. Use Stock Video

It is possible to tell a new video story using stock video. This will also save you money. It will need, however, to present new videos or voiceovers that complement it and offer your product or service in a unique light.


However, many videos or voiceovers you use with stock footage should be united in their mood and purpose. Consider using music videos that spark emotion or advertisements that will indulge nostalgia and attract new customers. 

5. Embrace Visual Imagery

Magnificent scenery automatically makes a video more clickable. If you want people to visit your resort or apartment complex, show them photos they will find elegant and can see themselves in.


For examples of visual inspiration, browse popular social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest. 


Consider the types of backdrops or videos you would like to create to best sell your story. And you can even try shooting some gorgeous scenery yourself to make your video unique and engaging.

6. Know Your Purpose

Before deciding on your story, you will want to have a clearly defined purpose for the video.


You may, for example, want to grow awareness of your product or service. You may want to attract new customers. Or you may want to increase loyalty and trust among your existing client base. 


Heck, you may even want to change the climate of the era. 


Strategizing will result in a much more effective campaign. If you wish to attract new customers, for example, you can provide information that will help them approach their daily lives better. 


If you wish to reach customers, consider letting them know about a new product or service and showing how it could improve their current use of your product. 


And If you wish to reach an expansive world, bring people together.


This is the power of purposeful video storytelling. 

The Art Of Purposeful Video Storytelling

Video storytelling can give your brand the emotional impact and creative edge that will help you stand out among the competition. 


With the right story and personalities, you could see your booming brand, and inspiring ideas take flight.


For more information on professional video services, contact us today.

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