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RED Raven

RED Raven Cam

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Designed and engineered to meet RED’s exacting standards for superior image quality, the RED RAVEN camera can capture high-resolution motion and stills in 4.5K Full Format at up to 120 frames per second (fps)—or 2K Full Format at up to 240 fps.

The RED RAVEN 4.5K Digital Cinema Camera with EF Mount brings RED’s famous DRAGON sensor to a much smaller body, enabling seamless functionality on gimbals as well as a main camera. You can even record REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes (max 2K resolution) simultaneously. Each 120GB Mini Mag can record REDCODE for 14 minutes of 4.5K @ 24fps 2:1, 57 minutes of 4.5K @ 24fps 11:1, 29 minutes of 4.5K @ 60fps 14:1, or 17 minutes of 4.5K @ 120fps 15:1.

One of the standout features of the RED RAVEN is its ability to record in both REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes formats simultaneously. This dual recording capability provides filmmakers with the flexibility to edit in their preferred format without compromising on quality. The 120GB Mini Mag storage option provides ample recording time for various resolutions and frame rates, making it practical for extended shooting sessions. This is particularly beneficial for documentary filmmakers and event videographers who need to capture long, continuous footage.

Frequently Asked Questions About the RED Raven

The RED Raven is a professional digital cinema camera known for its compact design, high resolution, and superior image quality, suitable for both filmmaking and photography.

The RED Raven supports up to 4.5K resolution (4608 x 2160 pixels), delivering detailed and crisp imagery for various production needs.

The RED Raven features the RED Dragon 4.5K sensor, known for its impressive dynamic range and color accuracy.

The RED Raven can shoot up to 120 frames per second (fps) at 4.5K resolution and up to 240 fps at 2K resolution, making it ideal for capturing high-quality slow-motion footage.

The RED Raven is compact and lightweight, with a body weight of approximately 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg) and dimensions of 4.87″ x 6.56″ x 7.40″ (12.37 cm x 16.66 cm x 18.80 cm), making it suitable for handheld and gimbal setups.

The native ISO of the RED Raven is 800, providing a good balance between sensitivity and noise reduction, with flexible ISO settings available.

The RED Raven uses RED MINI-MAGs for recording, which are high-speed, reliable solid-state drives specifically designed for RED cameras.

Firmware updates for the RED Raven can be downloaded from the official RED Digital Cinema website, ensuring your camera stays up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

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