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Document What Matters

Telling Authentic Stories Through
Documentary Films

C&I Studios has extensive experience and a proven track record of making successful documentary film production projects. With a team of talented and passionate filmmakers, C&I has the skills and expertise necessary to bring any story to life. Whether it’s an independent project or a commissioned piece for a major network such as NBC, Oxygen, or E!, C&I has a deep understanding of what it takes to create a successful documentary that connects with audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

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To Life

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Our Production Process

“I love stand up and it keeps me grounded, to say the stuff I have been thinking without anyone changing it.”


Why Choose C&I Studios?

When it comes to documentary production, we understand that line producers carry the weight of assembling and managing an extensive team of skilled professionals, from producers and camera operators to sound engineers, boom operators, drivers, location scouts, and more. That’s why our studio presents a game-changing advantage that significantly lessens the workload for line producers.

When a line producer chooses to work with C&I Studios, they are essentially streamlining the entire hiring process, making all their necessary hires in one seamless step. Our studio boasts an experienced team with highly diversified skillsets, ready to take on diverse roles and responsibilities on and off set. This allows us to meet client needs quickly and efficiently.

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