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Flutemaker Ministries Documentary

Flutemaker Ministries is a nonprofit organization based in Nicaragua. They were founded in 2013 with a mission to provide families and children of Nicaragua a life beyond necessity through humanitarian work that teaches craftsmanship, agriculture, and life skills. Their work has helped lift communities out of poverty. They have created the framework of a self-sustaining community in which the citizens work together to help each other and create remarkable opportunities for future generations.


Through our 501c(3) nonprofit organization C&I Reach, we filmed the following documentary for Flutemaker Ministries, which explains their origin story and how they are building a promising future through independence and hard work. The documentary film introduces the organization by providing background on one of the original founders, Pastor Carlos. From there, we take the viewer on an adventure through the Nicaraguan countryside, showing how one small organization with outstanding purpose has changed the lives of so many by giving them the tools to govern their lives.


We produced this documentary free of charge to empower Flutemaker Ministries to share their story with the world. Through marketing and awareness, we aim to point a spotlight on this small corner of the world so that even more people volunteer and donate to their ongoing mission.

The Bag Maker

Flutemaker Ministries holds that craftsmanship is the path to independence. By teaching practical trade skills, they empower the citizens in their community to shape their place in society. This is a major theme of Flutemaker Ministries’ work in Nicaragua. We wanted to pay tribute to this practical philosophy with a thematic short that plays off their documentary video.


This short video functions as a trailer of sorts. The moody, slow-motion style captures the viewer’s attention. The drama of the scene plays on their emotions. The vintage appeal keeps them attentive. All of these sensations make the viewer want to learn more about the organization. We found that this segue increased viewership and user engagement, which, ultimately, was integral to the success of the overall marketing campaign.

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