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How to boost branding on social media with video production

Boost Your Brand With Video on Social Media

Start using video on social media to boost your brand today! Video has emerged as an integral part of every major social media platform and is the most powerful asset for growing your brand. Video is the format of choice on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, while Tik Tok is a phenomenon of its own.

Why is video important to your brand?

Think about it. As a consumer, what do you find most consumable? Do you want to read a long block of copy and distill the info, or do you want to see it served up in a quick and creative video, with visuals to accent, illustrate or entertain? According to a recent Forbes Insights on the subject, almost 60% of senior executives are with you.

Stated simply, video is what consumers want. Social media is where people go for entertainment and education now, and in social media, video is king. Not quite convinced that you can boost your brand with video on social media? Let’s drill down a little further.

  • There’s a reason you’ll see video content within seconds of logging onto a social media platform. That’s because social media performs the best with most of the algorithms because it captures the visitors’ attention for a longer time. This means the algorithm will boost the content to a broader audience. At the same time, most platforms are giving extra attention and boost to their newest video features. Video will also have a longer shelf life because it encourages more interactions, so it will stay relevant for longer. Keep this in mind when weighing out the investment of making a video. The ROI may ultimately be stronger than other investments.
  • Video works across all channels now. According to the State of Online Video 2019 Research Report, in 2019, users spend an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes watching video online. And with COVID-19, the increase continues. This allows for the syndication of one video across many platforms and on your website, making your investment in a quality video an excellent investment and a mandatory asset for your brand.
  • If your product and brand target a Gen Z audience, YouTube is your platform. According to a YouTube survey, 50% of millennials and Gen Z said they “couldn’t live” without video in their daily lives.
  • Brands are about the promise and the people behind your product. There is no better way to humanize your product and introduce your brand personality and brand ethics than via video. Branding is about connections, and a video is a perfect bridge to your community.
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Which social media platforms are best for boosting your brand?

How do you incorporate video marketing into your social media strategy? Video can be used in video marketing for various purposes, and this will help determine the type of video you’ll create and which platforms you’ll target. Video types range from the quick glimpse that Instagram provides more extended and more in-depth videos on YouTube or live-streaming Facebook, which has become very popular. Each has its own purpose.

Instagram is a great way to give a 60-second glimpse of a brand message, a new product, or a look behind the scenes at your people. Think out of the box, like using Hyperlapse to create a sped-up time-lapse of your products, process, or people.

YouTube is a great way to take a deeper dive. The longer format allows you to showcase your brand, tell your story, and connect in a more profound way. But remember, the first 10 seconds are critical. Push your best content out in the first 10 seconds to hook your audience and tell them why your brand matters to them. YouTube videos can then be embedded in social posts on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook Live is a super way to engage with your audience. It is very popular for showcasing product launches, new services, and events or special Q&A’s. According to Facebook, users comment ten times more on live videos than on regular videos, and 89% of people who have watched a Facebook Live have watched live streams from brands.

Pro Tip: If you are planning a Facebook Live, don’t forget to promote it! Let people know in advance across all of your channels, on your website, and to your email list.

What four types of videos are best to build small business brand recognition?

  • Tell your story! People love a story, and the success of many small businesses have at their heart a good story. Create an introductory video that tells why you started your business. Were you solving a need that you experienced, was it to help your community, or was there another reason. Does your business have a non-profit partner that helps define your values or green practices that set you apart? A short 90-second video that tells your story is a great way to connect and get your brand on the map, and consumer solves them.
  • Niche authority. Do you specialize in a niche market, making you an expert in a subject that consumers care about? Create content that shares your knowledge to help educate your audience and allow them to view you and your brand as trusted authorities in your area or niche.
  • Share the love with your customers. Create a thank you video that shows appreciation for your clients and their loyalty. Let them know they are a part of your success and that you are grateful for the support and trust they place in you. This is one of the best ways to personalize your brand and deepen the connection you have with your customers.
  • Let your customers speak for you! Social proof videos are a powerful way to show your potential clients why they can trust you and that your products rock. Let your customers speak for themselves in a social proof video that reflects their satisfaction and their trust in your brand. This is the ideal format for a small business that is building a brand.

Can you create social media video on a budget?

There are many ways to create a compelling social media video without breaking the bank. You may work with a full-service video agency like C&I Studios to manage your project from concept to production and even into promotion, or you may work with them for parts of the process. Even if you’re ready to go full DIY, here are some ideas for controlling video production costs.

  • Keep it real! Do a live video. No need for high production or fancy equipment. Some of the most popular videos are made directly from a smartphone. People like the informal connection and feel they are getting to know the brand and its people. Show a behind-the-curtain look at your brand and your people or provide a sneak peek at a new product that’s coming soon. Go live on Facebook and answer questions or demo a new product.
  • Let your happy customers speak for you. You’d be surprised at how many of your satisfied customers would love to share a video of themselves showing their satisfaction with the product. We all want our 5 minutes of fame! User-generated content has been shown to be most effective in making someone likely to buy. You can record them on Zoom, record them on-site or ask them to send in their own video.
  • ‘This the season. Take advantage of the season to freshen up your message and content. Take advantage of a snowy backdrop or the spring brooks running. Record from your favorite hiking trail. Catch their attention by bringing them into your world.
  • Bring your team into the act. Help your customers see what mission and people they are supporting when they support your product. Invite your employees to participate. Some examples: A Q&A with one of your senior employees, behind the scenes tour by one of your employees, or fun videos of your team cutting loose.

It’s time to push through the fear and get your social media video produced. Once you have made your video, be sure to share it with your followers across all of your platforms. The video will have to be curated for specific platforms, but you will have created one of your most important assets, which will boost your brand on social media and your website.

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