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5 Tips for Hiring A Professional Photography Company

Why Hire A Professional Photography Company? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons You Need To.

When it comes to selling your products and services, your customers are likely to look at the price first before anything else. 

But visuals can make people’s mouths water, and minds wonder- forgetting all about that price tag.

You shouldn’t ignore the visual representation of the product as catching an eye can reel in the buy. 

In the world we live in, companies have started prioritizing and creating visual assets as a fundamental focus of their content marketing strategy, with 51% of Business-to-business companies joining the bandwagon.

Hiring a photography company is a decision you should take seriously. Photography has become a cliché today with so many people picking up a camera and calling themselves photographers. 

If you are not careful, you will find yourself working with an inexperienced photographer, which could cost your business a significant amount of money. Here is how to avoid such a mistake:

Branding Standards

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Before you hire someone to portray your brand, you must first be sure of what your brand looks like and feels like. The creative idea agency you choose will need this information to understand what they need to put out there on display. 

Most people tend to think that a photographer will telepathically understand and portray their brand image as they would want. 

This is misguided information and should be avoided. As a client, you hold the responsibility to help the video agency understand your brand.

Visualize it, and let it be envisioned. 

Then, your photography agency will design the creativity behind the story and burst it into- lights, camera, buyer action.

Qualities Which Define Professional Photography Services

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When you’re thinking about hiring a photographer, there are a few signs that you’ll be getting what you paid for. 

Keep an eye out for any red flags, and know what to look for before you hire them.

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1. The Right Equipment

A real photography company should have a full range of equipment used to create high-quality images. 

This includes high-quality, professional cameras and matching lenses, lighting, props, and staging. 

If they show up with themselves and a $1,000 Best Buy Camera, or even worse, an android phone, you’re in for trouble. 

A company that uses a poor-quality camera will produce poor quality images which will, in turn, produce a poor representation of your brand.

You may not know the equipment photographers use, but you can ask around and grasp an idea of what type of camera will produce the kind of images you need.

Just head to youtube and watch a quick video on photography camera equipment.

It’s true, video and photo content defines and defies all other forms of content.

2. A Strong Portfolio

With so many people branding themselves as photographers, it can sure be difficult to identify who is a qualified professional and who is not. 

The goal is to ride on the safe side.

Look for a photography studio that has a strong portfolio and possibly one with the kind of images you are targeting. 

Are they diverse? Unique? One of a kind? 

You want your brand to be exemplified. 

Portfolios also come with references. If the company did a job for a certain company, you expect to see the images online when you look at the said company’s gallery. 

This will give you the confidence you need to hire a creative agency studio.

Check out our portfolio here.

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3. The Deliverables – What You Receive

This is more or less asking what you should expect to receive for the investment you are making. 

The right answer is not straightforward but depends on the task at hand. 

If the photos you have in mind use a black and white background, and there are no models involved, you may get more images in your gallery. 

When models are involved, however, the images you get may be fewer but worth every dollar. Believe it or not, more time goes into post-production than the time spent taking the actual photos.

After all, Marilyn Monroe captivated millions with just one look in her famous white dress photograph. 

Images can last beyond their time, and carry on for generations in the human mind. 

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind

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4. Turn-Around Time

Depending on the photography company, you may get a few unedited photos to use as teasers on your social media pages. 

Ooh la la! Everyone loves a good teaser!

Some companies need a specific time to deliver the edited version, so be sure to ask about this. 

As you wait for the photographer to edit and deliver the photos, talk to your team so they can prepare for the mass upload of photos. 

You should also be working on a calendar that will guide you and your team on which photos should be prioritized.

Then get excited at the posts come to life before your eyes!

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5. Backups?

A professional photography company will have back up staff just in case their main team isn’t available for the shoot. 

This ensures that the clients still get their photos done on time. 

Also, your photos will be secure in the event of a piece of equipment malfunctioning. 

It is not surprising for the computer to crash just when you are almost done with your work. 

Having a backup ensures that your work won’t be late.

Ask your photography company about what kind of back up measures the use in case of an emergency.

Get The Photography You Need

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If you want to learn more about the importance of finding and hiring the right photography service provider that fits your brands’ needs and goals, get in touch with us here at C&I Studios!

We’ll take you for a visionary jaunt through time and place with an artistic vision that goes beyond the commonplace.

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