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Why your Ecommerce Brand Should Start Creating TikTok Content

As an eCommerce brand, are you using every marketing outlet that you can be to promote your brand and products? Take a minute to think about what’s missing from your social media presence- You have a Facebook page with all the essential information? Check. An Instagram that shows off your brand’s aesthetic? Check. Twitter to update your customers quickly and efficiently? Check. TikTok? No?!!

Well, you should get on that. Right away! Today!

Of course, you’re probably asking us “Why?” And we’ll honestly answer with “Why the heck not?!!” Because there is no wrong answer as to why you should be creating TikTok content as an eCommerce brand!

You’ll be able to Expand Your Audience

If you’re thinking “TikTok isn’t where my target audience is hanging out,” you’re wrong. TikTok isn’t just for the kids to lip-sync or perform dance challenges anymore. TikTok is a space for everyone. Tiktok is for brands to create new types of content and engage with consumers in a way that they’re accustomed to seeing on other social media platforms.

TikTok videos can be shared to Tiktok’s various “arenas” that are created for different audiences. Tiktok is even used by more and more influencers to cross-promote their content on their other social media platforms! TikTok is a great way for you to expand your audience by targeting the different arenas and just letting your video engage with anyone who wants to.

There are so many different “arenas” of TikTok that have many different audience demographics. You might find yourself in BookTok where creators and viewers talk about their favorite books and give reviews and recommendations about the latest releases. You might come across the Cosplay Corner, where creators show off the different costumes and characters they perform as. And then there’s even a place where Science oriented people share random scientific facts! There’s a place for everyone on this app, from farmers to beauty influencers, and all of them are potential customers or business partners for your eCommerce brand!

You’ll be able to Find New Customers

So, what does a larger audience mean? It means you have more potential customers to sell your products to! Not everyone viewing your videos will be a paying customer, and that’s to be expected. Everyone has different needs and interests, but they might know someone who will purchase your products and will share your videos.

TikTok is filled with creators, viewers, and even brands that are looking for new ways to connect with you. TikTok is a place where something “viral” happens every few minutes. TikTok is the perfect platform for your brand to expand your reach far beyond what your eCommerce site could ever hope to do. TikTok is an opportunity for you to jump into the TikTok community, find your ideal customers, and create a deeper connection with them. Brands are able to identify their TikTok influencers in order to promote their products through shout-outs in TikTok videos.

TikTok Content is easier to Create

Brand-related TikTok accounts have the same follower engagement as many of your social media influencers, but TikTok accounts are much easier to manage. TikTok creators can make multiple short videos in a day rather than having to film an entire music video or long-form content.

It’s easier to edit, too, with so many built-in editing features. TikTok creators and TikTok brands can create and share videos quickly and easily, which is perfect for short-burst marketing like TikTok content. TikTok allows you to post as often as you please without worrying about the exhausting editing that much longer pieces of content required.

Even if you don’t have the time to create TikTok videos, you can easily farm out the work to a company that creates video content professionally, like C&I Studios. It just can take one day of filming to create a lot of content for your channel!

You get to create engaging content that you might not have tried before

TikTok is more than just dance challenges and silly skits. It’s full of interesting content. It’s a place where you can experiment with different video styles and formats, so long as they’re short and can be uploaded to TikTok.

If your company is employee-oriented? Get them in on the videos! You can post quick product reviews, how-tos, unboxing videos, and even show your products in use! You can have customers in to talk about their favorite products, talk about their experience with your company as a whole, or do anything that’s relevant to your brand.

You want to create content that people will want to engage with via likes, comments, and shares, but also with TikTok features like stitch and duet, where other creators will create along with your original content! TikTok creators love to riff on TikTok videos, and it’s a great way of getting creators involved with your brand.

All these TikTok features brought together create a rich TikTok community that loves interacting with brands through TikTok videos! TikTok is a place where you can find your next customer or collaborator, tap into an already-growing community, and experiment with TikTok video content to increase your brand’s TikTok views! All it takes is one hit TikTok video for you or your brand to go viral.

You can show off your products in creative ways

With all the different content types that you haven’t yet tried, there are a lot of ways to show off your products that you still need to try! You never know when something new might really work out for your brand. TikTok is a place where showing off your products in new and interesting ways isn’t just possible, it’s encouraged!

If you’re finding that the videos you’ve been creating are tired or old hat, it might be worth integrating your products into fun skits or sending out your products for influencers to review on their own channels. TikTok influencers are often paid to do those reviews, and they’re usually quick and easy for you to create. (Sometimes you don’t even have to create them- that’s for the influencer to do, depending on your contract with them!).

TikTok videos can be shared on other platforms

Just like YouTube, TikTok videos can be shared to any other social media platform with just the click of a button. TikTok is a great way for you to cross-promote your TikTok videos on your other social media platforms to increase your views and engagement! TikTok videos can be shared in TikTok stories, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Whatsapp.

When your video is shared, it automatically applies a watermark with your TikTok handle, so you know your videos won’t be stolen on other platforms. It automatically redirects viewers to your TikTok profile, too, so that they know where to find more videos like the one they just watched and potentially follow you!

Cross-posting is always in your best interest, even if you think that you’re posting too much. You probably aren’t. It’s actually difficult to post too much to any social media, but it is possible. You don’t want to post everything all at once to every social media platform. Instead, post something on TikTok one day and then share it to another platform the next day, and another the day after that. It increases the chance that more and more people will see it, and you’ll want to pay attention to your analytics in order to figure out the right strategy for cross-posting for your particular brand.

TikTok videos can be shared on TikTok itself, too! You can make your TikTok content go viral all over TikTok with one easy click! And TikTok is a community of very engaged users. You should be engaging with your own content via the features TikTok has like duet and stitch in order to update old videos and riff off of your own content.

It increases your chances at going viral

Tiktok is also easy for consumers to engage with- viewers who react or share a TikTok post will automatically send the post to their friends who use TikTok, who may then engage with it again, and the post spreads virally within TikTok until it reaches a TikTok celebrity or TikTok creator that sees a good fit to collaborate on a video. This is the perfect time for your eCommerce brand to get in there and start looking for its TikTok celebrities! Tiktok celebrities have millions of TikTok followers, and if you’re the brand that TikTok celebrities collaborate with, your eCommerce brand name is going to be sent out to millions as well!

Think about products that have gone viral thanks to this platform? Those booty lifting leggings, that crazy hula hoop that slims your waist and trains your abs, Squishmallows?! They all took off thanks to TikTok, and your products could easily be next to go viral!

So, what are you waiting for?

Now is the time to get started. Go and create a TikTok account today and start looking at similar brands and how they’re using TikTok. What types of videos are they putting out? Which ones are getting the most engagement? Who has the most followers and how are they engaging with those who comment on their content? Look at everything and anything!

You’ll find that creating TikTok content will increase the views and engagement you see on all of your TikTok videos., TikTok content even has the potential to create TikTok celebrities, which is worth more than just increased views! Tiktok celebrities have millions of TikTok followers- and if they partner with your eCommerce brand in a video collaboration? Your brand name will be sent out to those million TikTok followers as well.

It’s all about TikTok right now- TikTok has over 1 billion users, who are engaged on the platform. Tiktok is growing at an exponential rate, and it’s the social media where brands should be spending their time! Tiktok videos get 10 times more unique views than other video content on other networks like YouTube or Facebook.

When you’re ready to get started on TikTok, be sure to check out our previous blog post with tips and tricks to make your endeavors successful. We want to see your brand succeed!

Are you finding that you still need help? C&I Studios is here for you! We are a professional marketing firm that specializes in Video Production. We love creating videos for TikTok and helping brands to put their best foot forward in the marketing world. Contact us today to inquire about how we can collaborate together and create amazing TikTok videos and so much more for your eCommerce brand!

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