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Every business reaches a point when they need to advertise their product or services to reach untapped markets. Organic and paid marketing are certainly useful services for getting your brand in front of interested consumers. However, when it comes time to engage the world market and accumulate heightened interest in your business, nothing competes with paid advertising. Your ability to generate increased sales and infiltrate overlooked markets will become a major advantage to your business’ development and longterm success in the market. But where there’s advertising, there’s a need for high-quality media content. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Advertising is a marketing tactic involving paying for space to promote a product, service, or cause. It is commercial in nature and uses language and visual media specifically curated and targeted at consumers who are most likely to purchase your company’s products or services. Ultimately, it’s a pay-to-play system that rewards high financial investment and constant distribution. The more you advertise and the smarter you advertise, the stronger your return on investment. This is partly due to the data you receive from advertising and how you apply that data to reach more qualified consumers. With an expert team like us at the helm, we will employ and strengthen your library of data to target huge numbers of interested consumers, refine your targeting to improve quarterly sales, and retarget interested and loyal demographics to increase sales revenue tenfold. We know that advertising is the best way to reach consumers who want to interact with your business through their wallets. And best of all, we know how to produce the media content they’ve come to expect from brands and how to convince them to choose your brand over the competition. At the end of the day, advertising is more than a numbers game, it’s a people game. And the best team to strategize and execute your next advertising campaign is the one who knows how the human brain works.


Video advertisements powered by familiar narratives and delivered to audiences at home to win their trust.

TV Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics for HardRock Energy Drink

Highly visible ads places in high-traffic areas for increased ad frequency and exposure.

Sunset Billboards for HardRock Energy Drink

Bold, flawless, delicate, creative. Whatever the case, these ads are shown to consumers who genuinely care.

Mockups Design of Uncreative ad in a magazine

Engage consumers where their sense are already heightened. Here, you have their undivided attention.

Mockup in a city

Highly targeted ads that deliver increased revenue and massive brand exposure.

Hard Rock Energy Ad on smartphone display
Apple iPhone 11 Pro display

Appeal to the senses! These ads are in-your-face, literally and almost impossible to ignore.

Headwear Gaming Console with remote and smartphone

Succinct copy, engaging visuals and clever ad placement to turn foot traffic into revenue.

Levis Banner outside store in a mall

With billions of searches daily, you’d be insane not to advertise on the most popular search engine.

Uncreative Mediacomputers Ads on various displays

We approach advertising much like storytelling, using frequency and emotion to win consumers trust and convert their trust into revenue. Understand that a one-time ad may produce profitable results, but it doesn’t come close to competing with a campaign that is carefully planned and supported by a cool narrative. Not only will a series of ads pertaining to a single campaign produce the best results, but it will also provide us with extremely valuable consumer data, which we will use to fine-tune future advertisements, focus on even more specific consumer groups, and deliver on ultra-specific business needs.

Below is a detailed look at how we will advertise your products or services. We follow this step-by-step process to produce the most profitable results for our clients no matter which medium we are advertising on.

In this stage, we learn about your brand and any past advertising campaigns to understand what your business needs and where your past advertising efforts failed to deliver. The data your business has gathered during your lifespan is incredibly important in this step. By studying the data left behind by website visitors, for instance, and pairing that information with Facebook’s pixel, which keeps detailed records on any Facebook user to land on your site, we can create custom and lookalike audiences, thus allowing us to target consumers who are at various stages of the buying process and who are most similar to your existing audience.

Understanding how your targeted demographic interacts with your business and the people most like them in terms of gender, age, location, interests, and behavior will teach us exactly what types of  ads you need to run and to whom. The most common advertising objectives we will run for your business will likely fall within Engagement, Traffic, and Conversion goals but this depends on whether your targeted demographic is in the prospecting, consideration, or conversion phase of your marketing funnel.

Your advertising budget will undoubtedly be determined by what your business can afford. That’s for you to decide. Naturally, we will give you our recommendations, using best practices and past experiences to make your dollar go further. But what we are more focused on is segmenting your overall budget and allocating portions to specific ad sets and objectives to generate the best results.

For instance, say you have $1,000 to advertise a brand new product that no one has purchased. You have just added this product to your e-commerce site and therefore have limited data to work with. You cannot simply push out an ad aimed at converting leads because you have none. Your advertising will fall short. Instead, we will take a small portion of your budget, say $100, and place an ad with the objective of increasing engagement and target this to foreign audiences who are most likely to like, share, react, and comment on your ad. This is important because increased engagement will lend your ad “social proof” which will be needed when we move into the next ad object, traffic, and again when we move to convert leads who visited your website via the ad placement.

Now that we know what types of ads we need to create to deliver on your business goals, which types of consumers we are marketing to, and what your advertising budget is, we can get to work financing and developing original content for your advertising campaign. We find that video content performs the strongest. The videos we produce are instantly captivating and thus quickly grab the consumer’s attention. They articulate multiple value props in a short timeframe, enabling the consumer to make an immediate decision simply by watching your ad. Additionally, this reduces the amount of copywriting that goes into your ads, ultimately make them look more intentionally and significantly less robust. The faster we can convince a consumer to act — whether that is clicking through to a product page, subscribing to an email database, or leaving a comment — the stronger your ad will perform overall.

The name of the game is optimization. Therefore, once we create original content for your ads and decide what types of ad objectives we are going to pursue, we will focus on targeting consumer groups as they navigate various phases of your marketing funnel. In this stage, we will create custom and lookalike audiences based on the information we gathered and your advertising intent.

Within each of your advertising campaigns will exist 3 to 4 ad sets, and within each ad set will exist 3 to 4 ads. We segment ad placement and targeting for a number of reasons. The most important being data gathering and machine learning, which we will interpret to strengthen your overall campaign. Each ad set will target one audience based on gender, age, location, and interest. The next ad will target a similar group and so on. This allows you to target specific audiences while ensuring your ads are broadened to reach the greatest number of qualified leads.

This is perhaps the most important part of advertising. Understanding your data is the only way you will be able to improve your advertising efforts. There are many ways of reading your ads performance, which is why it’s increasingly important that you have a professional who is familiar with your business objectives, as well as your present and past advertising efforts.

About ten days into your ads’ lifespan, we will dig into the data to learn what is working best and what is struggling to produce results. This will allow us to adjust your ad placement, content, and targeting to increase results. Without this step, you will simply be wasting your money, as you will eventually hit a wall where engagement plateaus.

This is where the magic happens! Retargeting efforts are like digging for gold in a mine that is already exposed and shimmering. By now, we understand everyone who has interacted with your ads and the people most like them. We know how far they’ve progressed in your marketing funnel, where they fell out, and how much time they spent on your website. We have been tracking them from the beginning, and now it is finally time to convert their interest in dollars.

At this stage of your advertising campaign, you will see a spike in profitable results, reduced cost per acquisition, and a significantly higher return on ad spend.


Here is an example of what we can do for your brand. To advertise a new Remote Client Preview service, we first created a motion graphic animation depicting the service benefits. This media was simplified so users could quickly understand the intention in as few as 2 seconds. Following media creation, we got to work on ad placement and language. To create a sense of urgency and properly frame added advantages of the services, we linked this new offering with current events. This presented the challenges that business owners are facing while presenting a solution, ultimately leading to an increase in engagement. For conversion purposes and once social proof was established, we aimed this ad at e-commerce business owners/managers in the U.S. — the demographic most in need of this service, and therefore, more likely to follow through on the next step: clicking through to a dedicated landing page where more information is presented and placed alongside intake forms for highly-targeted lead generation.


The power of advertising lies in the media first and the message second. You need to appeal to the senses to earn the viewer’s attention, then you have an opportunity to drive the message home.


With media in tow, we can now curate an urgent message, situating our offerings in the here and now to move consumers to the next phase of the funnel.


Once consumers reach your landing page, we have the opportunity to convert interest into action. And even if we don’t close the deal today, we have can tomorrow.

Graphics of world contacts

Interpreting your data is super important. We repeated, “INTERPRETING YOUR DATA IS SUPER IMPORTANT!” This is how we make your ads more effective. As we stated earlier, advertising is a numbers game. And there are powerful ways in which we can spin the numbers to your advantage. Accurate reporting combined with actionable reporting are two of the most essential ingredients to successful advertising. As your ad campaigns evolve it’s important to keep a detailed list of your conversion events. Not only will we use the data we gather from conversions to improve your audience targeting, but it also enables us to see which steps consumers converted or opted out of your marketing funnel. Understanding these details enables us to optimize your ad content so you see more profits coming in with each dollar you invest. Here’s a look at some of the data we will gather from Facebook Ad Manager and Google Analytics, which communicate with each other through Facebook Pixel and allow us to make more informed decisions for your business.

Chart One pertaining to performance
Chart Two pertaining to performance
Chart Three pertaining to Performance
Google Analytics stats
Creative Marketing Google Analytics stats
Google Adwords stats
Google Adwords stats

Visual media, especially video production, dominates the internet. Cool photography and stunning videography are what consumers want and what they have come to expect from brands. It’s one of the reasons that Youtube has become one of the most commonly used search engines. This attention to visual media has bled into other aspects of life, too. Chances are, there isn’t a single person in your social network who has not streamed a movie or television series on Netflix, Hulu, or Apple TV (all places where advertising leads consumer behavior). We all love watching videos. We watch them to learn new crafts, to sharpen our professional skills, for entertainment, and even when we’re bored. This is awesome news for you! Now that consumers are watching hundreds of millions of hours of video online and at home, you can advertise to them without appearing demanding or overtly salesy. The opportunities to capitalize on this behavioral shift are aplenty. Now, all you need is a skilled team of advertisers and content creators to strategize, execute, and advertise your media content to the people who want you to contact them.


Much of the advertising process cited above are concerned with Facebook’s business manager. However, we are also adept at Youtube Ad placement, and highly recommend using this platform in your overall ad strategy given the added benefits of acquiring increased engagements and watch hours. The most obvious long-term benefit of advertising on Youtube is that once you acquire a certain amount of subscribers or watch hours — both of which are objectives we will target — you can monetize your Youtube Channel to add a steady stream of new revenue to your business. Here are two ads we created for our clients Ghostbed and Komuso. Both ads were designed to increase product sales and generate massive amounts of traffic to a designated source, in this instance a sales landing page and Youtube Channel.

Ghostbed stats in white
White Komuso Stats

This is a great example of using storytelling in advertising. When we were working with the band K I D S, we created this miniseries to promote their new album Rich Coast. Each video is a chapter in a larger story that thematically summarizes the plot of their album. We circulated these weeks prior to the album’s release to tease the debut. Thousands of viewers tuned in every week. They became invested in the story. And because of this, they purchased the album once it hit the market, which ultimately increased sales tenfold.


As we stated above, one of the steps in our Advertising workflow is creating original content to deliver on your business goals. Here’s an example of what we can produce in a single media day. All of these media assets were distributed to different audience groups to drive traffic to our e-commerce store. We used a collection of videos and photos to ensure our ads stayed engaging despite how frequently a single consumer interacted with them.

Uncreative Mockup Design on a billboard
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