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Ghostbed stats in white

Having produced thousands of videos for an array of purposes over the years, we have our finger on the pulse of media creation that is unlike your typical marketing agency. So, a request for a “viral video,” while it may seem difficult to execute, was a welcome challenge for our team of craftsmen.


What really turned up the heat was the fact that we had a single day to produce both the one-minute spot and shoot crisp product photography. We were excited to take on the challenge and proud of the solution we conceived.


In the end, we cut a hilarious video that achieved the client’s goals. The commercial has over 3 million views and counting, entirely positive feedback, and you might just see it on your next JetBlue flight.


Our friends at GhostBed have seen an incredible uptick in sales since putting this commercial out into the wild.

We created a gallery of crisp lifestyle photography to support ongoing marketing initiatives revolving around GhostPillow’s new viral video content.

Overhead view of woman wearing red tshirt laying on bed and GhostBed pillow with arms around the pillow
Overhead view of woman wearing black and white tshirt laying on bed and GhostBed pillow

Product Photography

GIF animation of layers of a pillow being shown
GhostBed pillow
GhostBed pillow
Side view of GhostBed pillow
GhostBed pillow 
GhostBed pillow 
GhostBed pillow in a box

Step inside the storyboard

The Dream Commercial

The Boy That Never Left His Bed

Behind The Scenes

View from behind of a man in a white lab coat waiting for to start his GhostBed pitch with filming crew and equipment in the background
Woman wearing a hazmat suit wearing goggles and carrying a baby on the front smiling and posing for the camera
View from behind of man in a white lab coat waiting to do his sales pitch surrounded by the crew
Woman wearing hazmat suit wearing goggles posing sitting on a small horse that is wearing a horn like a unicorn
Computer monitor display of man in a white lab coat waiting for to start his GhostBed pitch
Side view of a man in a white lab coat waiting for to start his GhostBed pitch
Overhead view of a man in a white lab coat getting reading to pitch the GhostBed pillow
Two women getting ready for advertising filming by a makeup artist
Crew talking to woman in hazmat suit wearing goggles 
Woman smiling and posing on a bed with the GhostBed pillow for the cameraman
Drawings on paper
Shrink Ray device on a display

Tapping into certain distribution channels was an essential factor in the pursuit of viral success. We could not simply air GhostBed’s new video on cable television, Amazon, social media platforms and so on. We had to broaden our scope. So, we secured ad space on JetBlue and American Airlines. This not only positioned our content for immediate success, but it also broadened our viewership, essentially putting our commercial front-and-center for a wider range of audiences stemming across very unique demographics. We also thought the ad placement pretty clever as it would resonate more strongly than if the viewer had seen it while chilling on their sofa. Airplanes aren’t really known for their comfort, after all.

American Airlines logo
JetBlue logo
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