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All Dolled Up is an inclusive salon that has been in business since the mid 1980’s in the Fort Lauderdale area. They provide amazing services to their clients as well as ongoing education to stylists.

Together, we created four videos that show off the salon All Dolled Up, their culture as a salon, subscription services they offer for fantastic prices, and how great clients feel every time they leave the salon. We had a great experience showing off their company brand, services, and how truly special their customers are.

In order to create these four videos, we spent four separate days shooting film footage. Two days were spent on location at All Dolled Up’s salon to get the footage from inside the actual salon. This footage allows viewers to see the culture of the salon and what it looks like.

Salons are intimate settings where people go to be vulnerable with their stylist. Being able to see a salon before they make an appointment helps to build trust before potential clients even step foot into the salon. Your hair is your crowning glory, and it was important to All Dolled Up that their clients feel comfortable and know they have trusting stylists working with them. Showing off the salon’s culture made it possible for video viewers to understand how welcoming, clean, and comfortable of a place All Dolled Up is.

8K All Dolled Up Month 1 CIS 1.20.1
8K All Dolled Up Month 1 CIS 1.19.1 min

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The other two days of filming were spent in our studios. Here we were able to record voice-over work and use our adjacent café as an added scene to one of the videos. Being able to go between the different rooms of our studios gives us more shooting locations to work with and build upon as needed.


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We are very passionate about getting the best results. During post-production editing, we added upbeat music and a voice-over to each video. We also made sure to include closed captions for accessibility.


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With RED cameras, we can produce in high-quality footage with sharp details, shooting from 4K up to 8K.

We use RED cameras to provide content of a cinematic caliber. RED cameras are trusted for high-profile projects by even the most renowned studios like ours. RED cameras are perfect for almost every commercial video production, their easy set-up capabilities allow us to be versatile in the style of videos we can create. We can alter the final images to your suit your taste and preferences because this file format preserves all of the image’s features.

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