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Arri Mini LF

The Arri Mini LF is a perfect camera for film, tv, and commercial productions. Its large-format sensor provides stunning images with incredible detail and clarity. There is no better camera for image quality, a cinematic look, and dynamic range. For productions in New York City, the Arri Mini LF is the premier option for a professional camera.


Technical Data Arri Mini LF
OVERVIEW For large format and Super 35 productions, C&I Studios loves to work with the Arri Mini LF. It meets all standard on-set requirements for professional productions, and it gives every frame a very cinematic feel that is unrivaled in the industry.
C&I Studios loves working with the Arri Alexa Mini LF for all large format productions. With its cinematic look, incredible detail, and versatility, this camera provides stunning images that will exceed your expectations.
SENSOR Arri has created an extremely versatile and powerful camera in the Mini LF. Its ALEV 3 A2X sensor is a 36.7mm x 25.54mm sensor that has 4448×3096 photosites, so it is truly a 4.5K sensor. This provides a stunning amount of detail and color information, all captured at up to 100 FPS. The Mini LF also has an extremely wide dynamic range for shooting with natural light or filming on location here in New York City.
WEIGHT The ALEXA Mini LF camera body with an LPL lens mount weighs 2.6 Kg/5.7 lbs. It is lighter than some digital cinema cameras, while maintaining the same high-quality image and specifications of any other large-format camera.
MOUNT As a large-format camera, the Arri Alexa Mini LF has an LPL mount, which makes it perfect for large format lenses like those from Cooke and Angenieux. It can also be outfitted with a PL-to-LPL adapter, which allows you to use nearly any lens. This mount is placed closer to the sensor plate, which makes it very versatile for non-native lenses, as well as making it a more balanced camera when paired with lenses.
FILTER In addition to all of these amazing features, the Arri Mini LF has built-in ND filters for outdoor shooting in bright sunlight, or it can be outfitted with an external mechanical filter system for total control over your exposure settings. This feature is practically unheard-of with 4K cameras!
ENCODING The Arri Alexa Mini LF also utilizes a Codex technology called High Density Encoding (HDE). This allows for completely lossless compression of files when they are offloaded to your computer. It provides incredible latitude for postproduction workflows and staying within budget for productions since it is raw footage that needs to be worked on after production has taken place.
NETFLIX The Mini LF is a Netflix-compliant camera, meaning that it meets (and exceeds) the minimum requirements for resolution, capture formats, capture transfer functions, and camera color space for any content distributed on the Netflix platform. This makes it an easy choice for anyone looking for a camera that will work seamlessly with the Netflix pipeline.
WIFI The Arri isn’t just about specs though; there are several features that provide excellent support for productions here in NYC. The first is the camera’s built-in WiFi, which allows for wireless remote control and monitoring of the camera from an iPad or other iOS device. This is perfect for when you need to be on set but don’t want to be tied down to the camera.
INTERFACE The Arri Mini LF also has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is easy to customize your settings and get the most out of this powerful camera. Plus, with its compact size, it is easy to transport and set up wherever you need it.

Proven Industry Workhorse

The Arri Alexa Mini LF is not all just tech specs and numbers, it has the ability to produce stunning and moving cinema. Storytelling comes a lot easier when you have the visuals to back it up, and the Mini LF has come through for C&I in its own original productions, and for its clients.

In a rental world where Arri Alexa LF cameras are mostly the province of those who shoot commercials and episodic television, the C&I Studios team believes that the Mini LF is also an essential camera for feature films.

“The Arri Alexa Mini LF meets all standard on-set requirements for professional productions, and it gives every frame a very cinematic feel that is unrivaled in the industry.”

Major Hollywood productions choose the Alexa Mini LF to create award-winning tv shows and films. Some productions that have used the Alexa Mini LF include

  • The Mandalorian
  • The Eternals
  • Judas and the Black Messiah
  • Dune
  • Oslo
  • Space Jam 2: A New Legacy
  • Ted Lasso
  • Stranger Things
  • and many more

For commercial productions, The Alexa Mini LF allows directors to tell their stories with the best possible visuals. C&I Studios has produced high-quality commercials and videos for a wide range of clients while using this versatile camera.

From car commercials to commercials for brands that want to capture their customer’s attention with a more filmic commercial, the Mini LF is the perfect choice.

There is a reason that Arri has been dominating the large format camera market for decades, and it’s because they know what filmmakers want better than anyone else. With its impressive specs, intuitive interface, incredible dynamic range, and gorgeous 4K resolution, the Arri Alexa Mini LF provides everything you need to get amazing footage in your productions. C&I Studios is proud to have the Arri Alexa Mini LF available for rent, along with its skilled operators and DPs.

Arri Alexa Mini Camera equipment on display
CI Gear Arri Alexa Mini Camera lens equipment on display
Arri Alexa Mini Camera equipment on display
Side profile of Arri Alexa Mini Camera equipment on display

The Whole Package

It’s not always about the sword, it’s also about the samurai. No camera is sufficient to create compelling visuals if it does not have a skilled operator at the helm. With experience in TV, Film, and Commercial Video production, C&I Studios provides the perfect package for productions that want to use the Arri Alexa Mini LF.

Whether you need a full crew–grips, gaffers, 1st ACs, the whole shebang, or whether you need a single skilled DP to get your project the attention it deserves, C&I Studios has the crew that will deliver a perfect final product, whether it is for broadcast or for online distribution.

“C&I Studios has a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about film and video production. From our camera operators to our DPs, we have the skills and experience necessary to make your project look great.”

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