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Atlanta Video Production With Nikia Phoenix

Dailies 0013

Our newest client -- model, actress, and activist, Nikia Phoenix of Black Girl Beautiful -- is taking Atlanta by storm. On this episode of C&I Dailies the video team joined Nikia in ATL to film a video production for her…

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Dailies 0012

Our craft takes us all around the world. Being able to experience so many cities in so many diverse countries is quite the privilege. Every location we visit has its own charm. Obviously. Honestly, though, when the people who call…

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Dailies 0011

As the Beatles once said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Ain’t that the truth! Seriously, though, where would we be without all of our amazing friends? Don’t answer that! It’s a rhetorical question. We know…

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D&I Dailies Episode 009

Dailies 0009

We love being in complete control of our work. Honestly, who doesn’t? But… full creative control isn’t a common luxury at most creative agencies. A lot have to outsource certain pieces of content or media that cannot be created in…

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Video Production

Dailies 0008

On-Set with C&I Studios (Video Production) -- Our video production team knows how to enjoy a day on the job. It’s justified. We work with cool people, cool products, and in cool settings. So you can guarantee we will enjoy the experience to the fullest once the work is said and done… respectfully, of course.
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Company Culture

Dailies 0007

Our industry can be challenging. It requires constant attention, and that demand can be discouraging. Mistakes have been made. More are sure to follow. But a mistake is not a defeat. It is a learning experience. And that is something we pride ourselves on upholding.
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Professional Photographers

Dailies 0006

Professional photography and video production have always been the bread and butter of C&I Studios. And by that, we mean that that is where we made our debut into the age of advertising.
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Metalworking Design

Dailies 0005

Design is a primary function in every source of work we develop at C&I Studios. It influences the way we approach each project, from brainstorming to execution. It even applies to our sales team — salute to fashion design! (they dress to the nines) ;)
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Full Service Marketing

Dailies 0004

The design of our studio plays a huge role in bringing our team together. Actually, it is probably what encourages such an involved level of collaboration. From brainstorming to execution, we come together project after project.
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