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5 Types of Businesses That Benefit From Creative Video Marketing

5 Types of Businesses That Benefit From a Video Marketing Strategy

Given that 80% of Millennials take video content into consideration when buying a product or service, it’s hardly surprising that more companies are developing a video marketing strategy. 

But is video marketing right for your industry? Will the cost and effort of producing video pay off or should you stick with more traditional content instead?

Personally, we think it’s all about having a creative edge. 

Going down the video marketing route requires a big change in your business strategy. You’ll have to learn what works, what doesn’t, and how much budget you can assign your videos. 

But if you want to get your company on YouTube and take advantage of its 2 billion users, you’ll need to embrace the video marketing realms. We’ve put together this list of 5 industries that are already seeing huge benefits from the live-action. 

Keep your mind open and discover how creativity and artist video marketing can launch you into the iPhone screens of all those Millenials. 

1. Travel and Tourism

White sand, clear water…blah blah blah. We’ve heard it all before. To sell travel these days, you need to hook your audience in a split second. The best way to do that? Through a creative, thought-provoking lense. 

The travel industry is perfect for video marketing, as you can immediately get your audience picturing themselves at the destination. Visualization is far more powerful than reading text as the brain processes visuals around 60,000 times faster

Impressive, right?

With video, your audience is getting more information, faster, than if they were reading a description of a destination or activity. With travel video marketing, you can shoot locations, hotels, activities, and actors having the time of their lives. 

These powerful and engaging images allow your audience to picture themselves doing and seeing all those things in real life. They can see how much fun they’ll be having if they book that trip. 

2. Schools and Colleges

Parents want to know that their children will be getting the best possible education, and students might benefit from getting a preview of campus life. Video marketing is an ideal way to show off the best sides of a school or college and attract more applicants. 

Video marketing is a hugely growing industry, but it’s still seen as high end if done well. An educational establishment with quality video marketing appears far better when compared to one without. 

You can use video marketing for interviewing current students, and showcase how you include art and logic to help both sides of the brain develope — screen in on sports team stories and a well-rounded view of a day in your school. With happy, creative high-achieving students in videos, parents can imagine the same for their children.

Showcase how your school is difference-maker

3. Healthcare

Did you know the American healthcare industry is worth $1 trillion? That’s big. Competition is fierce among both B2B healthcare companies and B2C providers. So how do you set yourself apart from competitors?

For patients, there’s a lot of emotion tied up in their health, and if they’re looking for a doctor or hospital, they need to feel trust. Professional video marketing is an excellent way of generating authority, confidence, and an emotional connection with the viewer. 

You can create video interviews with doctors and patients, explanatory videos of procedures or conditions, and show how friendly your practice is. You’ll be providing the viewer with all the information they need. 

For B2B companies, video marketing is also an excellent method of attracting new business. If hospitals are looking for new IT services, medical suppliers, or even staff, you can create video content that reflects your expertise. 

4. Law Firms

In many legal situations, a client is putting their life into the hands of a lawyer. Lawsuits are immensely expensive, and clients need to absolutely trust a legal team if they’re going to engage their services. 

Just like with healthcare, there’s usually a lot of emotion tied to legal services from bankruptcy and divorce, to medical negligence and accidents. Many clients might view lawyers as cold and superior, making it even harder for legal professionals to get business. 

A solid video marketing strategy can be created to break down these invisible walls and show the human side of your legal practice. Featuring real lawyers from your firm in action or interviews can help show how friendly, approachable, and capable they are. 

You can also use video content to explain how seemingly complex legal processes work. From will writing and probates to court cases and mediation, you can show viewers what they can expect and explain it in layman’s terms. 

Connecting with viewers in this way helps to show that your firm is highly qualified, won’t drown them in legal jargon, and is on their side. 

5. Marketing Agencies

The competition for marketing agencies is bigger than ever, so it’s crucial you stand out. But in an industry full of marketing experts, how can you do that? 

Video marketing brings the viewer into your agency right from their screen. You can show how campaigns are created, introduce the staff they’ll be working with, and provide examples of previous client work. 

For marketing agencies, previous results, innovation, and creativity are of utmost importance. Few people want to read a page outlining this, but an artistically shot video can show the creative process in action and prove your skills by default. 

Even if your audience is located nationally or internationally, giving a video tour of your offices can show that you’re a serious business. The more a prospective client can see how you work, the better they’ll feel they know and trust you. 

A Video Marketing Strategy Will Keep You on Trend

More and more businesses are implementing a video marketing strategy. More people will come to expect video content from companies. Video is one of the most instantly powerful content marketing tools thanks to its information and visual-rich format. 

Showing your business, products, or processes on video helps give viewers the transparency they want and builds trust in a way that the written word can’t. In short, video marketing is fast becoming essential. 

How will you target the next generation? We know what tickles their fancy, makes them cry and has them ROFL. 

For creatively thought-out videos that will capture the light of your audience, contact us today. A single shot can transform the business you receive and work to deliver phenomenal results. 

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