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Make good art… and share it too.

If you can’t invite your peers to appreciate something you made — something you believe is beautiful — then you’re missing out on an invaluable connection.

That’s one of the reasons we helped establish Artwalk 10 years ago.

For a short time, though, it felt like we were losing out. Artwalk seemed detached. It was lacking a certain emotion — a degree of thoughtfulness that has always been trademark to what we do at C&I.

Fashion shows, live hair cutting performances…they’re good entertainment, but they just aren’t exactly who we are. 

So we reconnected with Artwalk... and you.C&I Storm was a resurgence of sorts — the return of live, interactive displays that express how our creative identities are connected to our community.
C&I Storm at FATVillage Artwalk
C&I Storm at FATVillage Artwalk
C&I Storm at FATVillage Artwalk
We put our vulnerabilities out there for everyone to see.

If you attended C&I Storm, you may have noticed that the centerpiece was a whirlwind of handwritten notes from our personal journals. Combine that fidelity with the openness of drawing and writing in front of a crowd…well, by the end of the night we had all shed a few layers of apprehension.

The coolest part of the night, though, was that our vulnerability was contagious. While we were changing roles, you all took to the drawing board to share your crafts, your thoughts, and your reflection of the night as it was still forming. It was awesome.

In one night, we had made up for so much lost time. It felt really good. Familiar even. We could tell you all enjoyed it too. 🙂

C&I Storm at FATVillage Artwalk
C&I Storm at FATVillage Artwalk
C&I Storm at FATVillage Artwalk
C&I Storm was just the beginning.

We had to take Artwalk back by storm to continue along this path of making good art and sharing it too.

So, we’ll see you at the next FATVillage Artwalk on July 28. This month Self-Projection will test your imagination and challenge the depth of your interpretation with living, breathing optical illusions created live. 

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